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Bottom Shape

The Facebook Marketing Checklist [Infographic]

Carolyn Coates

Mar 13 2014

With well over 1.2 billion Facebook users, you can't ignore that they are looking for your brand on Facebook - you need to make sure they can find you. So how do you get their attention? Facebook Brand Pages are...

I’m not on Facebook; Perspectives from a College Student

Brielle Pearson

Oct 24 2013

Millennials aren’t using Facebook anymore. Other social networks are grabbing our attention and we've lost our need to stay connected using Facebook. Many of my friends have even referred to Facebook as “Mombook” or “Fakebook” to express their frustrations with...

This Week in Social Media: Twitter’s Exclusive Features, Facebook’s New Ads, Top Smartphone Apps, and More

Carolyn Coates

Sep 13 2013

New this week in social media: verified Twitter users get a new feature to help manage mentions, Facebook adds autoplay ads to some, Instagram announces ads are on the horizon, Twitter goes public, and top apps for smartphones. 1. Twitter's...

This Week in Social Media

Carolyn Coates

Aug 12 2013

Many social networks made some changes, both major and minor, that will affect your marketing methods. Facebook has made multiple changes in the past few weeks that will help businesses while Google's new rules might be pushing some the other...

This Week in Social Media

Carolyn Coates

Jul 19 2013

Social media continued to change and improve this week, not much of a surprise, right? Facebook Pages revamped their Insights, Twitter for BlackBerry got a facelift, and Foursquare and LinkedIn updates allow users to connect and interact more easily. 1....

What Facebook Graph Search Means to Your Business

Krista Neher

Jan 29 2013

Facebook recently launched graph search, which has the potential to open up new possibilities for brands marketing and communicating with customers on Facebook.  I wanted to take a quick moment to share my thoughts on Graph search and the implications...

Upcoming Social Media Class: Your Facebook Marketing Strategy and Toolbox


Sep 25 2012

In an analysis of more than 60 Facebook marketing campaigns, 49% reported a Return On Investment of more than 5 times, while 70% had a Return On Investment greater than 3 times. Facebook is currently at 955 MILLION active users... what...

Hygiene Vs. Social Media Infographic


Sep 04 2012

Boot Camp Digital is excited to present our latest infographic showing just how social people are.....  If you have an extra 5 minutes today, will you spend it checking Facebook or Flossing?  The results might surprise you.  We have searched...

New Cincinnati Social Media Class: New Facebook Features and How to Use Them to Drive Your Business


Jun 21 2012

Unless you've completely avoided the Internet lately, you've probably noticed all of the new features that have been recently added on Facebook, including Timeline and promoted posts. Many of the recent changes have a lot of companies taking a second...
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