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Google Makes a Liar out of Me Regularly

Allison Chaney

Dec 18 2018

When I teach a 4-Day Boot Camp, one of the jokes I make at the beginning of class is that by the end of the week, Google (or at least one of the social networks or tools that I demo)...

Register for our Digital Marketing Workshops in Miami before they SELL OUT!

Melissa Byers

Oct 11 2018

It isn't too late to register for our upcoming Digital Marketing Workshop in Miami, FL! Whether you're a digital marketer, entrepreneur, part of a marketing team, from a non-profit, getting ready to graduate, looking for a new job, positioning yourself...

The NEW Launchest, our social-media-business-in-a-box, has been released! Save $500!

Krista Neher

Oct 01 2018

We're proud to announce that Launchest, our social-media-business-in-a-box, has been fully updated and relaunched! Social media management is one of the fastest growing career paths! In the next year, 95% of businesses will be on it, only 80% of them...
Chicago digital marketing training, digital marketing workshop, social media marketing workshop, Chicago

Almost SOLD OUT! Digital Marketing Workshop in Chicago: September 25-28, 2018

Melissa Byers

Jul 31 2018

Digital Marketing Training Workshops in Chicago Don't put off getting the digital results you NEED for any longer. There are only a few seats left in our Chicago Digital Marketing workshop series and we want you to join us. This...

Announcing Our New Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training Course

Allison Chaney

Jul 10 2018

We are VERY excited to share with you the launch of our SEO Training Course. Most businesses recognize the importance of ranking well in search engines and how much traffic can be driven to a website through search. However, many...

Announcing our New Chatbot Marketing Training Course

Krista Neher

May 18 2018

We are VERY excited to share with you the launch of our Chatbot Marketing Training Course. More and more of our clients are asking about Chatbots and want to understand if and how they should be using them. So we...
San Francisco digital marketing workshop

Limited Seats Remain! Digital Marketing Workshop in San Francisco: June 26-29, 201

Melissa Byers

Mar 27 2018

Digital Marketing Training Workshop in San Francisco Why wait for outstanding digital marketing training when you can join us in San Francisco, CA in just a few weeks! There are a few seats left in our next workshop. One of...
2018 Digital Marketing Training Workshop

2018 Digital Marketing Training Workshop Dates Released

Melissa Byers

Nov 14 2017

Boot Camp Digital announces 2018 Digital Marketing Training Workshop dates If you're not at the top of your digital marketing game, 2017 was likely a struggle. We can get you where you want to be (and BEYOND) in 2018! We'll...
digital marketing success, digital success

The Biggest Barrier to Digital Success? It isn’t What you Think.

Krista Neher

Sep 21 2017

According to a study by McKinsey, the biggest barrier to digital marketing success is not what you think it is. It isn't technology, complexity, or integration. It isn't budgets or investment. It is people. The study showed that cultural and...
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