Nancy Lunney

Bottom Shape


Aug 01 2019

The best book on digital marketing and media I have ever read!

I am very impressed with this book. Having known Krista Neher for many years I will have to say this is her best book yet. I purchased her earlier works and used them extensively in my business and with my business clients to great advantage. This book builds on her early successes and capitalizes on her many years as a digital media professional with her instructing and leading within the digital media world. Her first recommendation that all digital media campaigns start with an evaluation and analysis of a company’s Goals, Strategies, Objectives, and Tactical Needs and Requirements is spot on. Too many wasted man hours and funds are spent on looking for the “next big thing” as she calls it. The bottom line for any company is to be where their audience is, and Krista makes this point and gives many strategic and deliberate ways to accomplish this in her book. Many businesses want to piggyback on influencers to promote their businesses thinking this is a shortcut to success. Krista correctly warns that many of these “influencers” paid their follower numbers and are not actually influencing anyone except businesses who want to engage them. This is a serious book that will help any business, large or small, to improve their digital marketing, reduce costs, and increase effectiveness for funds spent. I highly recommend this book to everyone who is in business. Well done Krista!!

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