Cincinnati Social Media Speaker Krista Neher to Speak at TEDxCincinnatiWomen

Krista Neher ( ), CEO at Boot Camp Digital, bestselling author and international social media keynote speaker, will be speaking about how technology can transform your life on December 1st 2011 at TedXCincinnatiWomen in Cincinnati, OH.

During this event, Krista Neher will share a new presentation: “How To Do What You Do Best Better”, showcasing how to use free and simple technologies to save 21,900 minutes or 365 hours a year.

TEDxCincinnatiWomen is one of many TEDx (Technology, Entertainment, Design) events happening around the globe on December 1st that will expand on the ideas brought up at TEDxWomen.

Krista brings years of experience in marketing, speaking and social media training as well as her engaging personality and unmatched energy to all the events that she participates in.  This time is no exception, Krista will be a perfect addition to the list of great presenters who have the privilege of speaking at this event.

TEDx events are extremely inspiring! I am very excited to be a part of TEDxCincinnatiWomen this year where I will be sharing a new presentation on how investing in yourself, and using free technologies can free up hundreds of hours a year” – says Krista Neher, Boot Camp Digital CEO.

Wondering how to use technological advances to reduce work time and improve efficiency?  Don’t miss Krista’s presentation today! 


How To: Use Social Media to Drive Search Rankings PubCon 2011 Presentation by Krista Neher

PubCon is one of my favorite conferences for learning about social media marketing, search engine marketing, affiliate marketing and everything to do with internet marketing.

I had the pleasure to be a social media speaker at the most recent show in November in Las Vegas and present on a number of topics.  One of my favorite presentations that I gave was on how to connect search engine marketing with social media marketing.

Many search engine marketers use social media to build links and improve their authority with search engines like Google.  In my presentation I shared a different approach.

As we know, ranking well in search engine results (like Google) is key to a strong internet marketing strategy.  Search engines, like Google look at a number of factors to determine how well a site should rank in search engines.  I’m not going to go in to the factors here, but social media sites, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Slideshare and Twitter typically rank very well in search engines.

So, in this presentation I shared how social media sites can be used to dominate search engine results pages.  The goal is to create content on multiple social networking sites to “own” more of the first page of search results.  In addition to the benefits of building your brand and establishing yourself as an expert in your chosen field, this helps keep your competition off of search engine results pages.

See the presentation for a quick overview of tips for using social media as an SEO (search engine optimization) strategy.

Social Media Speaker Krista Neher to Present at SES Chicago 2011

Krista Neher ( ), Boot Camp Digital CEO and Social Media Speaker , is honored to be speaking about social media marketing and brand content on November 14 -16 at SES Chicago Conference 2011.  This conference attracts thousands of leading search and social media professionals to attend each year with cutting-edge presentations by many of the world’s top speakers.

Krista is an international social media keynote speaker for conferences, trade shows, colleges, corporate events and seminars held around the world.  In addition to keynotes and public speaking opportunities, Krista is a trainer who has provided corporate training seminars and workshops to marketing departments on how social media and technology are creating opportunities for businesses.

Krista recently published an already bestselling book The Social Media Field Guide, and she is on a mission to help business professionals learn the right way to use social media and get incredible results.

Search Engine Strategies Conference is the leading global event series that educates delegates in search and social marketing, putting a special focus on tactics and best practices. Marketers and SEO professionals attend SES Chicago each year to network and learn about topics such as PPC management, keyword research, SEO, social media, local, mobile, link building and more.

With over 10 years of marketing experience with P&G and start-up web companies, Krista Neher will be a perfect addition to the list of professionals who have the privilege of speaking at this event.

We’ll see you there!

BONUS! Joe Robb speaking at Cincinnati Social Media Seminar Lunch on July 21.

Last week we announced the second lunch in our social media lunch and learn seminars at our Cincinnati training room.  The main topic of the seminar is You Tube and video marketing, but since there is so much hype and interest in Google+, we decided to add Google+ to the seminar to keep you up to date on the hottest new social network.

As a side note, video is one of the most powerful marketing tools to drive conversions and turn your web traffic into sales.  If you aren’t using video yet you should DEFINITELY ATTEND this seminar.  Learn tips and tricks as well as how to optimize for YouTube!

We are pleased to announce that we have social media strategist Joe Robb joining us as a speaker for the Google+ portion of the lunch seminar.  I asked Joe to join us because he has spent tens of hours (if not more) exploring Google+ and has insights into what it means for both businesses and individuals.  Learn what all of the hype is about with Google+, the new functionality and the implications for social networks and businesses.

Register NOW!

When: July 21, 11:30 – 1:00

Where: Boot Camp Digital Training Room 1600 Main St

What: Awesome lunch topics + great networking

BONUS: Lunch is included, plus special offers on upcoming training sessions

Register NOW!

Joe Robb is a social media strategist and speaker, who currently works at Global Business Solution.  His passion for relationships and communications makes him a powerful speaker on social media and social networks.  In addition, he is an all around nice guy.

Speaking to the US Senate about Social Media

That’s right – I went all the way to Capitol Hill to speak with US Senate staff about how they can leverage social media for their office. The topic couldn’t have been more relevant with “WeinerGate” and the Ohio House Speaker having his Twitter account hacked.  I was fortunate enough to be invited to speak at 2 different conferences for the Senate this summer, and I was really excited to connect with Senate staffers about the potential with social media marketing.

The focus wasn’t on campaigning (which is entirely separate) but more about how senators can use social media to connect with their constituents and share messages.  The reality is that politics and politicians have become increasingly separated from their constituents over time, but now, with social media, politicians have a tremendous opportunity to make politics more open, transparent and accessible.

There are some politicians who are very advanced in their social media use, however due to the risks, many are slow to adopt.  Currently, there are about 40 senators using Twitter, a small number blogging and many on Facebook and YouTube.

While full-fledged use of social media may be a while away, there are a number of simple opportunities for politicians to use social media.

Easy Opportunity #1: Stop Promoting and Start Sharing

One of the key opportunities for those already using social media is to stop using it as a one-way opportunity to promote appearances and press mentions.  The power of social media is about connecting with people about the things that they care about, not just the things that you care about.  Stop thinking about what you want and start thinking about what they want to hear from you.  How can you use social media for the benefit of your constituents.

Easy Opportunity #2: Use Scribd to Share PDF Documents

There are lots of documents that you may want to share with your constituents.  Rather than sending them around the web to find a file that they will have to download, share key documents on Scribd.  This allows people to view the document directly on your blog or in Facebook without having to download the entire document.  Additionally, the document is searchable, so people can look for specific segments that they are interested in.

Easy Opportunity #3: Start a Blog for Informal Communications

A blog is a great tool for informal communication.  Share your point of view on an issue, or use it to simply explain a complex issue to your constituents.  A blog is a great home base for all online social media activity.  Be sure to be transparent about who is writing and what you are writing about.

Easy Opportunity (maybe not so easy) #4: Create a Social Media Policy

So this isn’t necessarily an easy opportunity, but it is something that you can’t afford to ignore.  It is absolutely vital to provide staff with guidelines and rules about how they can leverage their personal social media assets both in the workplace and on their own time.  The reality is that your staff represent you 24/7 and it is important to make sure that they understand the implications of what they post and are aware of any guidelines.

Easy Opportunity #5: Use Video

Lots of politicians are using video, but they are primarily using their YouTube channels as a place to repost press appearances or other news events.  Instead, YouTube can be a powerful way to communicate with constituents.  You can use YouTube to explain complicated topics, share your point of view or to respond to articles in the press.  The reality is that the more “real” you seem the more people will trust you, and video is a great way to show your personality.

How would you like politicians to use social media to connect with you?

Announcing 2 Day Boot Camp: Social Media Marketing and Internet Marketing Training!

Back by popular demand, Boot Camp Digital is happy to announce Social Media Marketing and Internet Marketing 2 day training class!  Our goal is to provide attendees of this course with a full understanding of the social media landscape and how to effectively leverage key aspects of internet marketing.

“In this day and age it’s absolutely crucial to integrate social media tools into your marketing strategy. The key to success is not only to understand the principles of social media but have an action plan so that you can start growing your business immediately.” says Krista Neher, Boot Camp Digital CEO.

During this extremely popular 2-day training class business professionals learn exactly how to use internet marketing and social media to grow their business.  The course is designed for both the new to social media as well as the avid user.  Social media is growing very fast and is not going away.  With over 700 million users on Facebook and more people checking Facebook each day than listening to the radio or reading a newspaper, you can’t afford to ignore social media any longer.

The fundamental reality in today’s business environment is if you want to stay competitive online your company needs more than just a website.

The course includes Social Media 101, Internet Marketing 101 and Social Media Marketing Training.  2-Day Boot Camp is designed to ensure that the training has a lasting sustainable impact on its clients.  In addition to the training, each participant receives a Social Media Workbook and Action Plan that is designed to enable easy implementation of the tools in everyday business.  Participants also receive a copy of Krista Neher’s bestselling book Social Media Field Guide, free lunch both days of training and the opportunity to network with other business professionals attending the course.

“Krista really knows her stuff re: social media. She has high energy and can bring tremendous knowledge and skill to your social media strategy and implementation. If your company is thinking of improving its social media presence or developing a strategy, I recommend you give Krista and her company a call.” said past participant Jo McDermott, Principal at Catalyst for Change Consulting.

The 2 Day Boot Camp is our most popular social media marketing training.  Past classes have sold our prior to the training, so it is important to register in advance.  Learn how to approach internet marketing and social media strategically and get real results!  Register today and save $40!

Get Certified at Cincinnati State’s Institute for Social Media!

Missed out on the last certification sessions?  Not to worry!  With the tremendous amount of success brought from the previous certification programs, Cincinnati State has announced the upcoming dates for the Institute of Social Media’s upcoming session.

The certification program is a 3 day intensive social media course that covers the social media plan building, execution and advanced social media topics.

Through the program students create an actual social media plan that they are ready to execute.  The program includes in-class instruction, real-world application, creation of social media assets, building a social media plan and testing.

social mediaThe next program is scheduled for April 13, 20, and 27. Our previous sessions have been sell outs, so please register soon if you are planning on attending.

Course participants include:

  • Social media marketers and practitioners
  • Seasoned marketing professionals
  • Advertising agencies
  • Marketing consultants
  • Marketing agencies
  • Marketing managers
  • PR practitioners and managers

Why should you get certified?

Social media is transforming your business, your customers, your colleagues, your partners and your competitors in revolutionary ways.

  • Dell Computers sold $6.5 million through Twitter alone.
  • Facebook now has more than 500 million users; if it were a country, it would be the third largest country in the world—bigger than the U.S., Canada, and Mexico combined.
  • More people check Facebook every day than listen to the radio or read a newspaper.
  • Social media is the #1 activity on the Internet.

Now you know how important it is to establish a social media presence. But how can you navigate through the clutter and get people to notice you, your business, or your brand? That’s where we come in.

Don’t delay – get your social media marketing certificate and show the world that you know your stuff!

Click here to register or drop me a line if you have any questions.

Social Media Speaking: Building a Social Media Marketing Plan with The Circuit

This morning I had the honor and privilege of presenting to The Circuit, a Cincinnati Digital Organization.  We had a great turnout for the presentation – the room was packed (they even had to bring in extra seats)!  Thanks to Connie at The Circuit and everyone who came out (early on a freezing Friday morning).

My presentation focused on how to build a social media marketing plan that actually gets results!  The presentation follows the model from my best-selling book – The Social Media Field Guide.

The #1 reason that most of the businesses I see are NOT GETTING RESULTS with their social media is because they fail to create a plan and approach it strategically.  Most of them get on Facebook and Twitter and start posting content, without a clear idea of what they are trying to achieve from a business perspective, who they are trying to reach or what content is actually interesting to their target audience.

In the presentation below you will be able to see an overview of the models highlighted in my book.

The key steps to building a successful social media plan are:

  1. Listening
  2. Know your marketing objectives
  3. Know your target audience
  4. Develop a killer content plan
  5. Select the appropriate tools
  6. Implement with excellence
  7. Track & Measure
  8. Adjust
Building a Social Media Plan that Gets Results

View more presentations from Krista Neher.
I also created a short clip of my presentation for you to view.

Also, I mentioned that my Dad joined Facebook and is using his Elvis Impersonator/Tribute Artist photo in his profile.  Here is the pic.  Enjoy.  Seriously, that is an actual picture of my Dad.

Social Media Speaker Krista Neher to Speak at PubCon Las Vegas 2010

CINCINNATI – Krista Neher, CEO at Boot Camp Digital and internationally known speaker on digital marketing, is honored to be speaking about online brand management strategies on November 11th at PubCon’s Las Vegas Internet Conference 2010 at the Las Vegas Convention Center South Hall in Las Vegas, Nevada. The conference attracts thousands of leading search and social media professionals to attend each year with riveting presentations by many of the world’s top speakers.

Krista Neher is a professional trainer and social media keynote speaker for trade shows, colleges, corporate events and seminars held around the world. In addition, Neher is an entrepreneur, published author and the Managing Director of the Institute for Social Media at Cincinnati State.

PubCon’s 4-day conference provides attendees with essential knowledge about search, social media, Internet marketing, website operation and much more with its strong line up of expert keynote speakers. This year’s conference is anticipated to be the biggest and most important event for innovators around the world with its impressive list of speakers, highly productive conference agenda and open minded, knowledgeable audience.

With over 10 years of marketing experience with P&G and start-up web companies, Krista Neher will be a great addition to the list of professionals who have the privilege of speaking at this event.  Neher’s company, Boot Camp Digital, has a strong track record of providing social media and Internet marketing training and consulting solutions. Krista has worked with companies of all sizes – from large corporations to start-ups – on all aspects of social media and internet marketing strategy including: integrated social media plans, community building, Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, LinkedIn, webinars, search engine optimization, website strategy and much more.  Krista is also the author of Social Media Field Guide and is in the process of publishing her first textbook on social media marketing.

For more information about Krista Neher and Boot Camp Digital, visit  For additional information about PubCon’s Las Vegas Internet Conference 2010, visit

About Boot Camp Digital

Krista Neher, CEO of Boot Camp Digital and social media expert, is an international speaker on digital marketing and provides marketing solutions for Fortune 500 companies as well as start-ups and small businesses.  Krista’s strong track record of providing social media and internet marketing training and consulting solutions will benefit companies of all sizes as well as those new to the world of social media. For more information about Boot Camp Digital, visit

10 ways to Market your Real Estate Agency on Facebook

I do presentations, seminars, workshops and training on Social Media a lot, and there are always a number of questions about Facebook and how companies and agencies can grow using Facebook.  Here are 10 opportunities to take advantage of that will help grow your agency on Facebook.

1. Create a Fan Page

This is the most obvious Facebook marketing tool for most companies and agencies.  The problem is that most Facebook pages are not very effective.  You collect “fans” (who are primarily your friends and not really your fans anyways) only to ignore them.  It can be a good idea to set up a fan page and reserve your name (you need at least 25 fans to do this), but beyond that, if you want to grow your agency with a fan page you need to have compelling and consistent content and a clear call to action.  Otherwise you are wasting your time.

2. Creating a Group

Rather than just a fan page, consider creating a group for your agency, as it can be broader and more overarching.  For example, rather than requesting people to fan Howard’s Real Estate Agency, which is rather limited in its appeal, consider starting Cincinnati’s Best Real Estate Agencies as a group.  You will then be the connector for all of the real estate agencies in the city.  Sure they will talk about other agencies, but you will get the benefit of awareness through bringing the community together and facilitating.  You can also periodically promote your own agency too.

3. Facebook Ads

Facebook ads can be a great way to grow your agency.  Facebook ads have a self-service mechanism you can use to set up and target your ad campaign.  Facebook ads are great because you can start with low budgets, analyze results and make changes.  Facebook ads also allow you to target based on profile key words, so they can be more effective than search ads.  Consider promoting special services that your agency provides such as Tax Credit or news on mortgage rates.

4. Facebook Events

Consider setting up an event on Facebook.  When we had our launch party we had almost twice the number of RSVPs through Facebook as we did through EventBrite and non-Facebook promotion.  Next time you are hosting a big open house or event, consider creating it as a Facebook event to drive awareness.

5. Participate in a Group

Rather than create your own group you can find other established groups to participate in.  For example, if you are Howard’s Real Estate Agency there might be a group for Real Estate Agencies in Cincinnati or Cincinnati Real Estate. You can participate in these groups to build awareness.  Be careful not to spam (it is annoying and unprofessional).

6. Participate on Other Fan Pages

Again, you need to be careful not to be irrelevant and spammy, and you don’t want to participate on your competitors’ pages.  However, you may find it valuable to participate in other fan pages.  For example, being a part of a real estate fan page will allow you to see what consumers, who are also members of the fan page, are sharing through links and comments about what they are looking for or complaints, or agencies will promote their own special services and events.  This provides them with exposure to their target audience beyond those who are already fans.

7. Link In Your Other Social Accounts

There are apps that allow you to link your other social accounts in to Facebook including Twitter, SlideShare and YouTube.  Share your other social content on Facebook (where appropriate) to maximize value.

8. Facebook Apps

Consider creating an app for your agency.  For your agency, an app where people can share photos of their new homes or a map of homes on the market might be beneficial for potential homebuyers.  This is a great way to gain exposure while proving something useful and fun.

9. Facebook Connect

Facebook connect allows you to link with Facebook directly from your site or blog.  You can use Facebook connect to integrate with Facebook and gain exposure and encourage your fans to share content on Facebook.

10. Facebook Widgets

Facebook has widgets that you can create and display on your blog.  Widgets are a great way to connect Facebook with your website and they are relatively easy to install.  This is also a great way to increase the number of fans that you have.

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