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Advanced Digital Marketing Mastery
Customized Team Training Workshop

Digital marketing is constantly changing and evolving and leading organizations are continuing to build their results. Digital now accounts for over 50% of ad spends – it is a strategic part of marketing plans and needs to be seamlessly integrated to create consumer value that grows ROI. With digital marketing evolving rapidly it can be challenging to stay ahead.

The Digital Marketing Mastery workshop goes beyond the basics of digital marketing and focuses on intermediate to advanced strategies, tactics and tools that drive business results. This hands-on interactive workshop focuses on building off of current knowledge and results to grow ROI.

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We customize our training workshops for your audience, industry and objectives.

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Workshop Outline

Digital Marketing Mastery is our more advanced digital marketing workshop that focuses on intermediate to advanced content. We go beyond the basics and focus on optimization as well as tips, tricks and best practices that improve results. This workshop is typically customized based on the areas that are most relevant for your business. We can dive deep into any digital marketing tools or content areas. For a 2-day program we recommend choosing 4 areas to focus on.

Note: This is our typical program outline that can be customized based on the needs of your specific audience, your learning objectives and the duration of your program.

  • Trends in digital marketing
  • Emerging digital marketing tools and strategies
  • What works now
  • Top challenges facing marketers
  • Defining your goal, strategy, objectives and tactics
  • Strategies that work now
  • Industry relevant examples
  • Digital content strategy (user value and brand value)
  • Steps to effective digital content creation
  • Content research tools
    • How to use digital tools to learn about your target audience
      • Google Search, Google Trends, Audience Insights (Facebook), Social Networks, Answer the Public, Buzz Sumo, etc.
    • Digital content optimization
  • Social Media

Deep dive into pro tips, success factors and analysis of social networks to maximize success.

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Blogs
  • Social media tools
  • Others as requested
  • Advertising
    • Channel strategy
    • Advanced tips for ad channels
    • Content optimization for ad channels
    • Ad structure and setup for success
    • Optimization of ads
  • Websites
    • Advanced analytics (tagging, pixels, conversions)
    • Usability and UX trends
    • Technical tools and considerations
    • Tools for website optimization (hotjar, Optimizely, etc.)
    • Conversion planning and optimization
  • SEO
    • Building and planning a search strategy
    • Advanced link-building
    • Content strategies for search
    • SEO tools
    • Optimizing other digital assets for search
  • Email Marketing
    • Content best practices and optimization
    • Content testing and retargeting
    • Email technical considerations
    • Autoresponders and optimization
  • KPIS, Benchmarks and Metrics
  • Analyzing results
  • Interpreting and automating reports
  • Google data studio

We’ll create an interactive and hands-on experience for your organization so participants can apply what they learn. We aim to improve real results and performance with practical and action-oriented content. We’ll customize the final agenda and interactive experiences for you.

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We can cover a wide range of topics in our training programs, and create a customized curriculum to meet your needs. We’ll work with you to develop relevant learning objectives for your organization.

While we can create content specifically for your organization, some of our more popular training topics include:


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