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LinkedIn for Business Professionals Workshop

Customized corporate training course

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful business tools – and since the acquisition by Microsoft it has become even more powerful. Most business professionals have a presence on LinkedIn but aren’t taking advantage of the full potential that LinkedIn has to offer.

People Google you – and when they do, what do they find? Typically your LinkedIn profile shows up first, and people use it to build an impression of you and assess your credibility. More and more, LinkedIn is your first impression. Success on LinkedIn can go far beyond just creating a strong impression – it can be strategically used to grow your credibility, expand your network and build your reputation as an expert. This has the opportunity to grow sales, develop stronger relationships, attract opportunities and build the reputation of your employer.

This workshop will show you how to fully harness your presence on LinkedIn in order to create a powerful presence. This workshop is built around the 3 Ps of a powerful LinkedIn presence: Profile, People and Presence.

Content marketers today are struggling with short attention spans, multiple channels and the proliferation of visuals – they need to earn attention in order to maximize the value from their efforts. This workshop will help you get them in shape!

Length of Workshop

1/2-Day to 2-Days


Hands-On Program


Industry and Audience

Knowledge Level

Beginner – Advanced

Program Outline

Note: This is our typical program outline that can be customized based on the needs of your specific audience, your learning objectives and the duration of your program.

LinkedIn is the biggest professional social network and while most people are on it they don’t do a good job of using it to the fullest potential. This workshop dives in to how to maximize your profile, grow your connections and build a presence. It can be customized for various audiences from executive to sales teams to business professionals to job seekers.

Why LinkedIn Matters

  • Professional benefits of LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn success stories
  • Size, growth and trends of LinkedIn


  • Elements of a powerful profile
  • Setting up profile information to maximize impact
  • Tips and best practices for profile elements
  • How to structure content for maximum impact
  • Optimizing your profile for search
  • Hidden sections in LinkedIn that can extend your profile


  • Importance of connections on LinkedIn
  • How to add connections on LinkedIn
  • Personal notes to increase acceptance
  • 3 strategies to grow your connections


  • Posting status updates
    • Building your LinkedIn content plan
      • What to post
      • Finding content
      • Sharing employer content
    • Videos
    • Timing
    • Scheduling
  • Participating in LinkedIn groups
    • Grow your presence with groups
  • Engaging and interacting on LinkedIn
    • Growing your presence with your network

Putting it into Action

  • Creating your personal LinkedIn action plan
  • Incorporating LinkedIn into your workflows


NOTE: We aim to create an interactive and hands-on experience for your organization. We prefer to cover topics in a hands-on manner where participants immediately apply what they learn. The program and interactions/activities will be finalized based on the number of topics covered and length of time for the program.


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