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Personal Branding for Business Professionals and Executives Workshop

Customized corporate training course

People Google you every day – out of curiosity, to learn about your background and to assess your credibility. When they find you, are you putting your best foot forward? Is your online impression as powerful as it could be? Much like you put care into your appearance for professional meetings, you should put care into your online appearance. Your reputation as a business professional not only reflects on you, but also reflects the organization that you work for.

While your online brand may be “ok” – “ok” isn’t good enough. Smart business professionals should have a powerful online presence that positions them as an expert and grows their credibility – and the credibility of their employer. Investing in your personal professional presence online is an investment that will pay off now and in the future.

This workshop focuses on how to craft a powerful personal brand for yourself based on the branding principles used by consumer brands. Discover what you want your personal brand to be and how to bring it to life in a compelling way. This workshop shows you how to define, design and deliver a powerful personal brand that grows your credibility and results.

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Content marketers today are struggling with short attention spans, multiple channels and the proliferation of visuals – they need to earn attention in order to maximize the value from their efforts. This workshop will help you get them in shape!

Length of Workshop

1/2-Day to 2-Days


Hands-On Program


Industry and Audience

Knowledge Level

Beginner – Advanced

Program Outline

Note: This is our typical program outline that can be customized based on the needs of your specific audience, your learning objectives and the duration of your program.

Building your personal brand is an investment that pays out over time and creates credibility and opportunity for both business professionals and employers. As more and more people are searching online, you can’t afford to not put your best foot forward. This complete workshop starts with the importance of personal branding and dives in to the details of how to execute. It can be customized for beginner to advanced audiences and various lengths of time.

Why Your Personal Brand Matters

  • What is a personal brand
  • Importance of a personal brand
  • Benefits of a personal brand
  • In-person brand strength test

Define your Personal Brand

  • Determine your objectives as a business professional
  • Define the target audience you want to reach
  • Explore yourself:
    • Personally
    • Professionally
    • Personally
  • Create your personal brand statement

Design your Personal Brand

  • Introduction to the personal brand pyramid
  • Elements of a strong brand: MADE
    • Evaluate your elements to highlight
  • Define your brand character
  • Create your elevator pitch or equity statement
  • Develop your online assets

Deliver your Personal Brand

  • Audit Yourself
  • Create your content plan
  • Images: creating compelling images online
  • Videos: crafting videos that connect
  • Channels:
    • LinkedIn (in-depth)
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Blogging
    • Twitter
    • Slideshare
    • Personal Website
  • Prioritizing your presence
  • Crafting your personal plan


NOTE: We aim to create an interactive and hands-on experience for your organization. We prefer to cover topics in a hands-on manner where participants immediately apply what they learn. The program and interactions/activities will be finalized based on the number of topics covered and length of time for the program.


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