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Result-Focused Consulting Packages

Our consultants are recognized industry experts with over 10 years of digital marketing experience. Get results faster from experienced professionals:

1-hour Consulting Call

For quick questions, challenges or issues get expert advice and solutions.

Buy Now - 1 Hour

Strategic Planning

For small to medium businesses and entrepreneurs needing a strategic plan.

Buy Now - 6 Months

Corporate Consulting

Custom solutions for larger organizations - from transformation to specific challenges.

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1-hour Consulting Call

An hour to ask an expert any digital and social media marketing questions you need answers to. Stop struggling, get "unstuck," and avoid making costly mistakes with expert advice when you need it.


  • 1-Hour online video consultation (with screenshare) with an expert
  • Recording of the session sent to you afterwards
  • Ask any questions – no question is too broad or specific
  • If your question can’t be answered we’ll do the research and get back to you


$250 per hour


Individuals needing assistance with a specific digital marketing challenge.

Boot Camp Digital is here for fast response to your digital marketing needs.


For individuals needing expert help fast.


Buy Now – 1 Hour

Strategic Planning

Partner with a Boot Camp Digital expert who will take a deep dive into understanding your business and help you create and execute a best in-class strategic action plan.


  • 6-Month Partnership to develop successful strategies according to your overall goals.
  • Six (6) 1-hour Online Conference Calls with an Expert Trainer once a month for six months
  • Expert to fully assess and analyze current goals, strategies, and opportunities prior to meeting.
  • Report of identified needs, opportunities for growth, and a plan to accomplish goals within time span.
  • On-going coaching, education, and strategic recommendations
  • One monthly “emergency” call that can be booked in 24 hours to resolve a challenge or issue.
  • Six-month All-Access Pass subscription




Small to medium businesses and entrepreneurs looking to build or improve their digital marketing plan.

A Boot Camp Digital coach is like having a personal trainer for your digital marketing and social media.

Strategic Planning

For small to medium businesses and entrepreneurs needing a strategic action plan.


Buy Now – 6 Months

Corporate Consulting

Boot Camp Digital will perform an audit of your digital marketing efforts, create a full strategic plan, and provide a customized half-day training workshop to implement the plan.


  • Assessment of current digital marketing goals, strategies, and opportunities for growth.
  • Full audit of current digital marketing executions and competitive analysis.
  • Action plan including identified needs, recommended actions, and a plan to accomplish goals within time span.
  • Report of identified needs, opportunities for growth, and a plan to accomplish goals within time span.
  • Detailed digital marketing strategy with recommendations on what to do and why.
  • ½ Day Live Training with Marketing or Executive Team to share findings and how to implement Action Plan.
  • Access (1 license) to all Boot Camp Digital online training ($1,200 value)(one-year access)
  • Exploration of ongoing custom digital marketing consulting to bridge the gap between where the team is now and where they want to be.


Custom digital marketing + social media consulting package prices vary.


Custom corporate digital + social media consulting packages for mid- to large-sized companies.

Extend your resources with Boot Camp Digital experts!

Corporate Consulting

Custom solutions for corporate teams looking to accelerate their digital marketing success.


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Everyone has their own unique needs and goals when it comes to building and executing a digital plan. That’s why we work with you one on one, as your personal trainer for all things digital.

We build a digital plan that works for your individual and business needs and goals, while being mindful of your own unique strengths. Whether you need expert guidance building a full digital strategy or you just have a couple questions, we are here for you!

We only accept a limited number of digital marketing coaching clients.


Get your marketing in shape with Boot Camp Digital!

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Contact us anytime at 513.223.3878 or via email with any questions. Or, fill out the form below and we’ll give you a call.

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Why Boot Camp Digital?

We have over 15 years of experience coaching individuals and organizations on
how to get better results faster from their digital marketing.

Expert and Experienced Consultants

We’ve been there, done that, and know what works

Actionable and Practical Content

Content that you can implement immediately

Strategic Implementation Advice

Drive better results for your business

How Our Coaching Helps

Don’t waste time and make mistakes struggling when you could be guided by an expert. Accelerate your success.


Get recommendations based on your strengths & opportunities


Improve your results – we know what works


Keep yourself on-track and accountable with regular check-ins

About Our Work

Boot Camp Digital has provided marketing solutions for Fortune 500 companies as well as start-ups, small businesses, and even individuals. We bring a unique combination of traditional marketing skills and experience, technical knowledge as well as creative new marketing approaches with an emphasis on digital and social media marketing.

Here are some examples of digital marketing coaching plans we build:

As organizations are moving into online marketing they often have a digital strategy that has been cobbled together over time. Without a strong digital strategy you may be investing in the wrong areas, or be missing out on opportunities that your competitors are taking advantage of. Maximize the results of your online efforts with a digital audit and action plan that will enhance your ROI from online efforts and includes:

  • A comprehensive analysis of current online efforts – what is and is not working.
  • An assessment of competitors digital strategy.
  • Highlight strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in current digital space.
  • Comprehensive digital strategic assessment.
  • A complete report recommending actions to optimize online efforts, improve ROI and build your business online.
  • Resources and vendors to execute against the action plan.

Do you need help building a social media strategy that moves your business forward? By approaching social media strategically you are more likely to get real results for your business and make smarter choices. We’ve built strategies for small businesses, start-ups and large organizations. Our strategy is your road-map to social media marketing success – whether you plan to DIY or hire an agency, having a solid strategy is vital to your success.

  • Assessment of your strategy and the competitive landscape
  • Strategic recommendations for social media and online marketing
  • Detailed recommendations for social media channels
  • A play-book to turn recommendations into action
  • Big ideas to take your marketing to the next level
  • Comprehensive marketing plans
  • Positioning, branding, targeting, strategy assessments and recommendations
  • Guerilla marketing methods and strategies
  • Viral and word-of-mouth marketing plans
  • Consumer research

Boot Camp Digital has a track record of success in executing social media campaigns for start-ups and large established brands.  We are the social media experts.  Our unique Social Media planning approach takes your business through the stages of social media planning infusing creativity & knowledge of online communities and resources.  We’ll help you grow your business and get results from social media.

  • Comprehensive social media strategies
  • Strategic assessment of social media opportunities and costs
  • Social media training
  • Corporate blogging strategy, setup and training
  • Social network marketing strategies
  • Community management and training
  • Blogger and influencer outreach programs

See our training offers for public courses or contact us for a custom training solution for your organization.

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