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  • Training for influencers and ambassadors
  • Grow their reach and results
  • Educate, excite and inspire
  • Customized for your group
  • Actionable and practical
  • Beginner to advanced levels
  • Entertaining and engaging
  • On-site or online


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Influencer and Ambassador
Customized Team Training Course

Influencers and brand ambassadors can be a powerful tool to grow the presence and impact of your brand online. More and more businesses are partnering with influencers and providing educational programs to support their influencers and ambassadors and help them to grow. While some influencers may have an established presence, others may be at the earlier stages of growing their presence online.

Our workshop will help your influencers to take their success (and yours) to the next level. We’ve worked with leading businesses on short 1 hour presentations and full 2-day workshops aimed at helping and supporting influencers to create a more powerful presence with everything from strategic considerations to content and video creation tools and tips.

Our recent workshop was rated 4.8/5 with 100% participants growing their knowledge and results.

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Workshop Outline

Some influencers or brand ambassadors already have a powerful online presence – others may just be getting started. Regardless of where your influencers are, our program can be customized to their level and help them grow their presence and results. Our program will educate, excite and inspire your audience.

Note: This is our typical program outline that can be customized based on the needs of your specific audience, your learning objectives and the duration of your program.

  • How to determine what you want to achieve on social media.
  • How to define your tone of voice and what is appropriate as a thought leader.
    • How to create the right messages that establish yourself as a thought leader to your peers.
    • How to build your online profile.
  • Analyze relevant examples of personal brands online.
  • How to choose the social media platforms that are right for you.
  • Content types that work best to establish thought leadership
  • Legal Considerations
  • Content Formats
    • Video
      • How to shoot and edit video
      • How to get video views
      • Social media platforms video works best in
      • What type of content is best in video format
      • Video editing tools
    • Images
      • How to create impactful and engaging images
      • How to create infographics
      • Use of stock images
      • Social media platforms where images work best
      • What type of content works best in image format
      • Image creation tools (Canva.com)
    • Blogs
      • What are blogs
      • How thought leaders are using blogs to influence their audience
      • How a blog is setup and created
      • Writing best practices
      • Headlines that attract attention
    • Corporate resources and product integration
      • Influencer or ambassador corporate guidelines or resources
      • Creating content that promotes the company and you
      • Ideas and inspiration
  • Facebook
    • Personal vs. Business Profile and what is right for you
    • Privacy settings
    • Participating in groups
    • Content best practices including format, size and subject
    • Facebook Live
    • How to be a brand ambassador through the use of tagging, mentions, likes, posting links and sharing content
    • How to grow a fan base using a personal or business page.
  • Instagram
    • Personal vs. Business Profile and what is right for you
    • Content best practices including format, size and subject
    • How to be a brand ambassador using hashtags and mentions
    • How to build followers
  • LinkedIn
    • Personal Profile vs. Company Page and what is right for you
    • Building and optimizing your personal profile
    • Content best practices for posting including format, size, and subject
    • How to be a brand ambassador using mentions, posting content and links, and by engaging in groups
    • How to grow your network and understanding the LinkedIn degrees of connection
  • YouTube
    • How to setup a YouTube channel
    • Content best practices for posting video on YouTube
    • Optimizing YouTube videos
    • YouTube Live
    • How to be a brand ambassador by sharing links and brand video content
    • How to build a loyal subscriber following
  • Blogging
    • Blogging on your own site vs. other sites
    • SEO tips for blogging and why it matters to you
    • Blog writing best practices
    • Blog promotion best practices
    • How to build subscribers
    • How to encourage sharing and commenting and why it is important
    • How to be a brand ambassador by posting relevant and engaging content about the brands you support
  • Choosing where to start
  • Putting together a work process (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Automation tools
  • Prioritizing your next steps

We’ll partner with you to create a customized program that meets your objectives while entertaining and inspiring your audience. Our program includes interactive and hands-on elements to drive real results.

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We can cover a wide range of topics in our training programs, and create a customized curriculum to meet your needs. We’ll work with you to develop relevant learning objectives for your organization.

While we can create content specifically for your organization, some of our more popular training topics include:


We’ll create a customized proposal and outline based on your specific objectives and audience. See how our experience and 10+ years of rave reviews can deliver remarkable results.


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