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Facebook Ads Master Class Workshop

Customized corporate training course

Facebook ads are easy to create and can be run for as little as a dollar a day. But are your ads performing as well as they could be? Are you maximizing your strategy, content, targeting and optimization to get the best results possible? With so many formats, targeting choices and strategies there are many opportunities to improve your ads and results.

This high-impact workshop can be customized based on the types of ads you run and your pain-points. We can incorporate hands-on analysis and optimization of your existing ad accounts, or use practice accounts. This program dives deep in to how to create and organize for success in Facebook ads.

Content marketers today are struggling with short attention spans, multiple channels and the proliferation of visuals – they need to earn attention in order to maximize the value from their efforts. This workshop will help you get them in shape!

Length of Workshop

1/2-Day to 2-Days


Hands-On Program


Industry and Audience

Knowledge Level

Beginner – Advanced

Program Outline

Note: This is our typical program outline that can be customized based on the needs of your specific audience, your learning objectives and the duration of your program.

If you want to grow your success from Facebook Ads, this workshop goes beyond the basics and covers strategy and setup to maximize your results from your Facebook Ads. This program shows how to get more value from each stage of the Facebook Ad process – from strategy to optimization.


  • Tightly using the OCTO model to maximize success
  • Structuring ads with OCTO to diagnose and improve ad performance


  • Understanding differences between ad objectives
  • Harnessing Facebook ad objectives to maximize results
  • Importance of choosing the right objective


  • Ad formats and when to use them
  • Content best practices
  • Tying content to target and objective
  • Optimizing ad content
  • Content quality metrics in Facebook results


  • Overview of targeting options
  • Deepening (and widening)
  • Linking budget and target
  • Custom audiences
  • Organizing audiences
  • Audience testing


  • Interpreting performance reports
  • Diagnosing performance causes
    • Creative
    • Target
  • Auto-optimization options in Facebook
  • Manually optimizing ads
  • Structuring ads to improve

Workflows and Best Practices

  • Structuring ads to maximize insights
  • Using audience insights for better targeting and content development
  • Establishing and implementing naming and organization in ad accounts


NOTE: We aim to create an interactive and hands-on experience for your organization. We prefer to cover topics in a hands-on manner where participants immediately apply what they learn. The program and interactions/activities will be finalized based on the number of topics covered and length of time for the program.


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