Krista Neher

Digital Marketing Leader, Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, Global Keynote Speaker

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Krista’s Story

People often ask me how I started running a company, traveling the world, and becoming an industry thought-leader.  You can find my official bio below, but I wanted to take a moment to share the story of how I ended up here.

I started my career at Procter and Gamble (P&G) Canada (yes, I am Canadian, so you already know that I’m really really nice).  After leading product launches and analysis in Canada, I moved to Cincinnati to work on some of P&Gs biggest businesses and most important brand launches in finance, sales and marketing.

While I was still at P&G I started working part-time for an internet start-up company. The startup got funded and I went on to run marketing there.

I had to do more with less – I needed to get results and I had almost no budget.  I also had to compete against companies that had millions of dollars to spend.  Anyone else have this problem?  Need to do more with less?  Have to compete against bigger guys?

I had to do more with less – I needed to get results with almost no budget. That is when I discovered social media marketing.

That is when I discovered social media and digital marketing.  We were one of the first companies to use Twitter (in 2007) and were active on MySpace (old school) and did almost every online marketing possible.  As we learned I made a TON of mistakes along the way.

The best way to learn isn’t from experience.  The best way to learn is from somebody else’s experience.

During our first 4 months we acquired 40,000 users from digital with almost no spending.  Our biggest competitor spent $2 million and had the same number of users.

The start-up got sold and I didn’t know what I wanted to do next. People started asking me about how they could get better results from digital.  I started helping some businesses and before I even had a real business and landed P&G as a client (they followed me on social media and hired me because of my thought leadership).

I wanted to help more businesses more quickly, so I started Boot Camp Digital and focused on training, education and capability building for some of the world’s biggest brands.

This training has taken me around the world (literally) and so many amazing people and opportunities have come my way.

I really do love what I do every day (if you talk to me you can see my passion) and I love helping others discover how to harness the power of digital marketing and social media.

Krista’s Bio

Krista Neher is a 6-time bestselling author, international speaker, award-winning entrepreneur, global thought-leader, and the CEO of Boot Camp Digital. Krista has written 6 books on digital marketing, including a textbook and a “Dummies” book.

With over 20 years of digital marketing experience, Krista was a digital marketing pioneer – executing digital strategies before “digital marketing” was even a recognized term. She has worked with companies like Meta, Nike, Procter & Gamble, GE, Macy’s, Google, Morgan Stanley, and the United States Senate and has been featured as an expert in the New York Times, CNN, Wall Street Journal, NBC, CBS, Entrepreneur, and the Associated Press.  Krista is passionate about digital marketing and created one of the first accredited certification programs in the world.

Krista has trained hundreds of thousands of marketers over 20 years as a sought-after authority, digital transformation leader, and keynote speaker on digital marketing.

Krista is a social media and digital marketing pioneer, having created some of the earliest social media marketing before social media was even a recognized term.

Since then Krista has worked with clients like P&G, GE, NASA, Meta, Google, General Mills, the US Senate, Nike, Harley Davidson, Remax and more, to grow their digital marketing capabilities. Krista has been a featured expert on CNN, the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, NBC, CBS and Shape Magazine.

As an entrepreneur and CEO of Boot Camp Digital Krista helps businesses to grow their digital marketing capabilities through training, education and strategic consulting. She has worked around the world. Krista created the first Accredited Social Media Certification program globally and wrote the first textbook on social media.

Krista is the bestselling author of 6 books on digital marketing, including Launch Yourself! Personal Branding, Digital Marketing that Actually Works, Social Media: A Strategic Approach, Visual Social Media Marketing, Visual Social Marketing for Dummies, and the Social Media Field Guide.

Krista’s Key Accomplishments

  • Bestselling author of 6 books, including a textbook and a “Dummies” book.
  • Global keynote speaker at industry conferences, corporate events, and more.
  • 20+ years of marketing experience.
  • 10+ years of digital marketing experience.
  • Many global Fortune 500 clients.
  • Media appearances as a featured expert on top-tier networks.
  • eSpeakers Certified Virtual Presenter.

What People Are Saying About
Krista Neher

Would recommend Krista with a virtual megaphone.

Krista’s engaging personality, professional presentation skills, and top-tiered marketing and social media knowledge combine to create a fun, knowledge-based, energy-filled experience. I value the times that I have participated in one of her seminars and would recommend Krista with a virtual megaphone.

– Joanne Maly

I would highly recommend Boot Camp Digital’s training courses to anyone or any business that is looking to expand their social media knowledge.

Boot Camp Digital created a wonderful Social Media Certification Program at Cincinnati State. The instructor was passionate about the subject and had tremendous knowledge and skill in all aspects of social media strategy and implementation. The trainer was energetic and entertaining, and is interactive with her students.

– Amanda Lienemann

I Highly Recommend Krista!

Boot Camp Digital spent six hours with our senior executive staff at Catalogs.com, critiquing the current state of our social media and facilitating the development of a social media plan. The input was exceptionally well-researched and insightful. Krista’s book is right on target, and a good tool to keep social media efforts targeted and productive. I would highly recommend Boot Camp Digital.

– Leslie Linevsky

Krista really knows her stuff re: social media and digital marketing.

She has high energy and can bring tremendous knowledge and skill to your social media strategy and implementation. If your company is thinking of improving its social media presence or developing a strategy, I recommend you give Krista and her company a call.

– Jo McDermott

We look forward to future training from Boot Camp Digital.

Krista made a presentation to the Cincinnati Area Women’s Council of REALTORS on the subject of Social Networking. She discussed how REALTORS can use the various social media to enhance business. She was personable, knowledgeable, and accommodating to the needs of our group.

– Barbara Hooker

Krista Neher is in a class on her own in the world of digital marketing and branding.

Her innovative thinking and knowledge of current mediums coupled with her marketing background make her an indispensable resource for anyone looking to maintain relevance in today’s atmosphere. I have had the pleasure of attending many of her workshops and look forward to the next one!

– Ben Baker

Krista Neher is certainly a step ahead of the game.

She reigns in an ever changing social media landscape and presents depth and breadth of information that is intuitive and easy to grasp.  Very, very practical.

– Matthew Dooley

10 out of 10! 

Great content, awesome presenter. Lots of great information that I’m looking forward to implementing.

– Connie Kreutzjans

If I could give her an 11 I totally would!

Krista is very knowledgeable in social media and how she discusses it is very traceable.  She has experience and knows what she is talking about.

– Marthe Church

The best Presentation at #sesto. It was great!

– Jennifer Slegg

Very knowledgeable about social media.

I have seen a few different people talk about this subject and you have by far given me the best information on the topic. Thank you!!!!!!!

– Hilary Yacobucci

Fantastic workshop!

The trainer was so knowledgeable and enthusiastic about practical and powerful aspects of social media.  I learned the difference between simply using the tools and leveraging them to meet my objectives.  I can’t wait to try what I learned.

– Tami Boehmer

Krista’s vast knowledge and well-paced presentation make for an excellent learning environment!

Whether you’re new to social media, or somewhat knowledgeable and needing brand/identity refinement, Krista will help get your online presence to that next level! I left her workshop with greater clarity on a number of topics, and ideas that are benefiting my career.

– Daniel Covey

Your [training] was one of the best trainings I’ve been to-on any topic.

Clearly, you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing. I am very eager to get moving on my own social media projects.

– Molly Culbertson

A New Way of looking at Social Media.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Visual Social Media Marketing by Krista Neher. The book was a solid, 100 pages, easy to read book with great content and lessons. She really knows the ins and outs of the vast and ever-changing world of social media. I used this book for my Social Media and Marketing class at Ohio University. As someone who wants to work in social media and specifically the marketing side, I felt that this book provided me with a lot of useful information for my career in social media. I never realized the power that pictures have on social media. The book explains that pictures get the most clicks and views of any content on the most popular social media sites. Neher really enforced that if you don’t have images in your digital marketing strategy, you will hurt yourself.

Because this book is about social media and the affects pictures have on audiences, Neher spent a couple chapters talking about Instagram and Pinterest. Businesses have taken advantage of social media sites such as Instagram and Pinterest because of the mass audience they have and are building on. Neher hits hard on how these two growing social media sites are changing the way businesses start interaction with their customers and improve traffic. They are using these sites to show and share pictures of their new products to customers. After reading the book I explored the social media sites of companies to see how effective these sites are for the business. I noticed clothing companies like J.C. Penny use their sites effectively to show pictures of their clothing to attract their audience. Neher doesn’t just focus on how these two sites are big on images. She discusses the other big names like Facebook and Twitter and how pictures influence and enhance the post and tweets on these and many other sites.

What I enjoyed about the book was how it focused more on providing images to assist and reinforce the message she was sending. She provides a wide variety of picture types and gives good advice on how to ensure that the message of the picture is clear and effective for the audience and drives the most traffic. Another quality of this book that I liked was the data research. This book is chalk full of great quantitative research found by studying how people behave on social media sites in relation to images. One of my favorite statistic stated that Instagram users snapped almost 1.3 million pictures when Hurricane Sandy occurred.

If I pulled out every great piece of information that I found in this book, I would be writing a novel. That just enhances the great amount information that was presented in this book. As someone who works on close to ten different social media sites, I will be applying a lot of Krista Neher’s knowledge to my social media work. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in social media, online marketing, and ways to improve social media for your business. Social media has taken over the world in a positive way and you will gain a lot of good information

– BP Telford

Visual Media is the way of the future.

I run a small business of making crafty items and selling them in person and online. I bought this book to get better insight on how to get a leg up in my industry because I felt like my social media presence was lacking. As it turns out, I was going about it the wrong way entirely. I need quality, relevant images in order to get noticed. I wouldn’t have known that if I hadn’t have taken the time to read this material. With the short attention span of today’s culture, images are essentials to getting noticed online. I’m really glad I read this!

This book covers all of the major social networking sites as well as taking an inventory on one’s own social networking public image. There are also great resources provided by professionals in relevant industries that help to understand why the author guides readers towards certain tips. One thing that sets apart this work from others is the case studies and covering things I hadn’t even thought about that are crucial to getting noticed. I started implementing many of the tips immediately and it was effective in getting responses from my audience. A definite must-have for those who want to kick butt with their social media presence.

– Dani Monster

Great Resource!

The Field Guide lives up to it’s name. You won’t find a lot of fluffy theory or ivory tower concepts in this book. Instead, you get exactly what you need to develop and implement a successful social media marketing strategy.

Experts may find themselves skimming through some of the earlier material, which focuses on background topics (“What is social media?”) and dispels some common myths and misconceptions. However, this information is essential for anyone who is a newcomer to the modern social media tools – even seasoned marketers. Think of it as “social media 101”.

Later in the book you’ll find tips and tricks for making best use of the current social media tools. This material is a critical resource for anyone marketing online! The subtleties between mobile vs Twitter vs Facebook, etc are hard to keep straight in your head and the Field Guide does a wonderful job of keeping the info close at hand. This is the kind of book that you’ll keep nearby your PC and refer to time and again.

– Ryan Dlugosz

Social Media Field Guide – Keep a Pen Handy!

Krista Neher’s Social Media Field Guide is a must read for both new and established social media marketers. For newbies it shows social media is more than just creating a Twitter account and tweeting about what you plan on doing. For experienced marketers the field guide reinforces concepts and strategies they should already have in place, building on those concepts to increase success and ROI. When you are reading the Field Guide make sure to keep a pen handy, not only for keeping notes in the margins, but to write down your key takeaways at the end of each section in the Action Items and Key Learnings section provided.

If you are motivated to add social media to your company’s overall marketing strategy and you are running into road blocks from your company you need to show them this book, and discuss the strategies and tactics Krista introduces. She makes your arguments for success through social media for you, and armed with her Field Guide you will be able to find your way through the jungle that is social media.

At only 225 pages it is a quick and easy read you can knock out over the weekend, and you’ll be a better social media marketer by Monday.

– Brian Tudor

She has been one of the secret weapons of my career.

When Krista told me she was writing a book on Digital Marketing I got worried. She has been one of the secret weapons of my career and I didn’t want to share her brain with the general public. Upon reading her book my feelings changed because this book is important. Rare is there a guide that really goes deeper than the superficial and helps the reader as if the person was there and this book does.

– Saul Colt,
Founder, The Idea Integration Co. and Internet Celebrity

Provides tools and frameworks marketers at organizations of any size can use.

With today’s rapidly evolving media landscape, marketers struggle to keep up. In addition to needing tactics for these new social and digital channels, they also need help with the underlying strategy, budget questions, and measuring ROI. Krista Neher’s new book is aptly named. Digital Marketing That Actually Works provides tools and frameworks marketers at organizations of any size can use. Read this book and you’ll be on your way to rethinking your marketing at a time when marketing is rethinking itself.

– Nick Westergaard,
Author of Brand Now and Get Scrappy

This book will take you through all the stages of creating and implementing a digital marketing strategy.

Follow the Leader(ship)! Digital Marketing explained so you can actually do it, too! This book is a must-read for those struggling to understand how effective their current marketing is and for those who are finally ready to not just work hard, but also smart! Many gurus and influencers out on the web spout off “how-to” and “do-this” theories yet not give you a blueprint of each step to take along the way. This book will take you through all the stages of creating and implementing a digital marketing strategy. Krista shows how all parts work together; social media marketing, email marketing, advertising, SEO, etc. The power tips, tools and action items allow you to use this book as a field guide to your digital marketing needs. If you are ready to see measurable results, actually go purchase, read and implement the strategies in this book.

– Dorien Morin,
van Dam

This is THE blueprint you need for your Digital Marketing Success.

I love the step by step approach, roadmap, exercises, and bonus 30-page action planner. So much value and impact in this book. If you are in digital or need to up your game in your organization this is a must read. Not only is it a book but they have build excellent training programs around the material as well. Book + Training = Success!

– Kendra Ramirez

This is a great digital marketing guide.

It has tried and true practices, covering everything you need to know and more. I love how the book has sections for written notes where you can reflect on your goals and develop ideas. I’ve worked in digital for years, but even I learned some new pieces of infor that were really helpful. I think anyone, digital marketer or not, can find this helpful. Great read!

– Alana Frew

The best book on digital marketing and media I have ever read!

I am very impressed with this book. Having known Krista Neher for many years I will have to say this is her best book yet. I purchased her earlier works and used them extensively in my business and with my business clients to great advantage. This book builds on her early successes and capitalizes on her many years as a digital media professional with her instructing and leading within the digital media world. Her first recommendation that all digital media campaigns start with an evaluation and analysis of a company’s Goals, Strategies, Objectives, and Tactical Needs and Requirements is spot on. Too many wasted man hours and funds are spent on looking for the “next big thing” as she calls it. The bottom line for any company is to be where their audience is, and Krista makes this point and gives many strategic and deliberate ways to accomplish this in her book. Many businesses want to piggyback on influencers to promote their businesses thinking this is a shortcut to success. Krista correctly warns that many of these “influencers” paid their follower numbers and are not actually influencing anyone except businesses who want to engage them. This is a serious book that will help any business, large or small, to improve their digital marketing, reduce costs, and increase effectiveness for funds spent. I highly recommend this book to everyone who is in business. Well done Krista!!

– Nancy Lunney

This book is a highly relevant!

Invaluable marketing volume for people, students and instructors who are interested in leveraging social media in a number of platforms….not just Facebook and Twitter.

– Ronda S. Leffel,
Cuyahoga Community College & Baldwin-Wallace College

You would be capable of creating and implementing a social media plan once you have studied this book.

It provides a full plan, complete with everything you need.

– Nancy Ross Kennedy,
Spokane Falls Community College