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54% of Marketers Don’t Understand the Difference Between Reach and Impressions

54% of Marketers Don’t Understand the Difference Between Reach and Impressions

Allison Chaney

Aug 31 2021

In our digital marketing training courses and workshops, when we ask our students the difference between reach and impressions, they often get it wrong. In our digital IQ test, which surveyed over 2000 marketers, the results show that 54% of...

Announcing Our New Google Analytics Training Course

Allison Chaney

Aug 24 2018

We are VERY excited to share with you the launch of our Google Analytics Training Course. One of the biggest challenges we have today is that we’re overwhelmed with data and we often fall into traps of reporting on useless...
digital marketing strategy: prioritizing digital spending

Digital Marketing Strategy: Prioritizing Digital Spending With New Framework

Krista Neher

Feb 27 2018

When it comes to digital marketing it can be difficult to make priority calls. Where should you spend your time and effort? What should you invest in? What is a time suck that won't really help you to move your...
10 Top 2017 Posts that will shape your 2018 digital marketing strategy

Our Top 2017 Posts to Shape Your 2018 Digital Marketing Strategy

Melissa Byers

Dec 27 2017

Smart marketers will use their 2017 analytics to help shape their 2018 digital marketing strategy. We're just like you. We take time at the end of the year to review analytics that often drive strategy for the upcoming new year....
targeting the c-suite on social media

10 Tips for Targeting the C-Suite on Social Media

Melissa Byers

Dec 05 2017

The C-Suite’s use of social media is on the rise. Honestly, whose isn't? It's information on how unique audience groups use it, however, that sharpens our ability to target them. The C-Suite is no different. 66% of C-Suite use social...

When Wisdom Trumps Data in Content Best Practices

Allison Chaney

Nov 29 2017

Data analysis, including evaluation of engagement rates, guide content best practices. Here's just a few based on lessons learned from analytics: Most Facebook users watch video with sound off, so create videos with captions that can be understood clearly with...

Digital Marketing Analytics – So What?

Krista Neher

Aug 03 2017

Over the past 10 years I've looked at countless digital marketing and social media marketing reports. Analytics, reporting, measurement and ROI are also at the top of most marketers lists when it comes to digital marketing. The challenge is that...
October 2018 digital marketing news updates

June 2017 Digital Marketing News Updates

Krista Neher

Jun 09 2017

Our list of June 2017 social media updates includes a long list of Facebook news, a word about LinkedIn and why now is the time to update your profile, and an update about Twitter direct messaging. Keeping up-to-date allows you...

Digital Marketing Foundations: What Every Business Professional MUST Know

Krista Neher

May 12 2017

In 2017, digital marketing foundations are more important than ever. Companies are spending $83 billion this year alone and that number is expected to grow. If you want to be a relevant business leader you can’t afford to ignore it any...
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