Boot Camp Digital Future Digital Marketer Scholarship


Boot Camp Digital is excited to announce that we are offering a $1000 scholarship towards education to students in the US in digital marketing related fields of study!



At Boot Camp Digital, we train current digital marketers on how to get better results faster from digital and social media. As students, you are the next generation of digital marketers and we want to hear from YOU!

About the Future Digital Marketer Scholarship:

Create a social media post that answers the question: What is the future of digital marketing? What tools and platforms will we use, how will people work together, and what will your generation bring to the table that will change digital as we know it?

How to submit your application: (you must complete all steps to be considered for the scholarship)

  1. Create a post in any format (bonus points for video!)
  2. Use the hashtag #BCDScholarship in your post
  3. Tag @bootcampdigital from your post
  4. Post on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or YouTube
  5. SHARE! Encourage engagement (get likes, shares and comments!)
  6. Click here to complete the application form

Important! You will be judged not only on the quality of your post but the engagement of your post. Show off your skills as a future marketer by posting amazing content that drives engagement!



  • The scholarship is $1000 in a one time payment.
  • Applicants must submit at least one example of social media content created for this application, including the #BCDScholarship hashtag and @bootcampdigital tag.
  • Social media post must be public.
  • Applicants may post to one or more of the following social networks: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Applicants may post video, image, or text formats (hint: video always performs better!)
  • Applicants may post multiple entries for consideration.


  • One applicant will be accepted per year. See application for current deadline.
  • Applicants must be studying or preparing to study at an accredited US University.
  • Applicants will also be given special discounts on all Boot Camp Digital online and live trainings.


  • Our judging criteria is based on the following:
    • Alignment with the theme: Your post must be on topic and answer the question “what is the future of digital?”.
    • Ability to drive engagement with your post. Likes are important, but can you also drive quality conversation and commenting in the posts?
  • Applicants will be selected by an internal committee of digital marketing experts at Boot Camp Digital, based on strength of application and quality of post. Winners will be contacted by email.

Terms and Conditions

Official rules, terms and conditions of the Boot Camp Digital Scholarship.

Boot Camp Digital reserves the right to withdraw the scholarship if students are subsequently found to be ineligible or if these terms and conditions are not adhered to.

Boot Camp Digital reserves the right to amend its scholarship offering without notice.

Applicant requirements

Post Criteria: Posts must be tagged using the #BCDScholarship hashtag and mention @bootcampdigital to be considered with the online application, available at bootcampdigital.com/scholarship-application, using the applicant’s .edu email address no later than December 1st 2020. The subject matter for posts must answer the question “what is the future of digital marketing”, as well as capture attention and drive engagement.

As a Boot Camp Digital Scholarship holder you are required to:

  1. Accept the scholarship by the given deadline. Boot Camp Digital reserves the right to withdraw the offer of a scholarship if it is not accepted by the given deadline.
  2. Meet any conditions attached to your academic offer.
  3. Be registered as a full-time student at an accredited College or University in the United States
  4. Be registered as a student in the fields of Business, Marketing, or Communications. All related fields will be considered and must be specified in the application.
  5. Utilize the awarded scholarship to fund your studies in your particular field and/or to fund a particular project. This can include tuition fees, equipment and books and living costs as a student.
  6. Report the scholarship award to your school’s financial aid office as required by your University.
  7. Agree to Boot Camp Digital using your social media content.
  8. Agree to Boot Camp Digital contacting you at the end of the semester for an update on how the scholarship has influenced your studies.
  9. Agree to Boot Camp Digital contacting you on or after your graduation to find out how the scholarship has helped to influence your career.


Please note that this $1000 Scholarship will be funded by Boot Camp Digital. Applicants awarded any scholarship funding will be responsible for their own tax liability.

Deadline for the scholarship is December 31, 2020. Scholarship winner will be announced by January 31, 2021 and funds dispersed by February 28th of 2021.


We will feature the winner including name, title of award, course title, and academic school on the Boot Camp Digital website and in social media.

All content submitted for this application may be used by Boot Camp Digital for marketing purposes at any time. If you would like to be tagged in any posts using your content, please be sure to include your correct social media accounts in the application.

Your contact details will not be given to any external organization or third party (ever), and will only be used to contact you about the outcome of your application.


Q: Can I submit a video?
A: Yes! We love video… and so does the rest of the world! Video typically performs better than other formats so if you’re aiming for high engagement, video is most likely to get the results you’re looking for.

Q: Can I submit multiple posts?
A: Yes, although multiple posts alone won’t help you win. Our judging criteria is based on: 1) alignment with the scholarship theme (the future of digital) and 2) the ability to drive engagement with your content. Each post will be judged individually.

Q: Can I promote my own ideas or innovations?
A: Absolutely! We have a huge audience and would love to share your ideas or something cool that you’ve built. That’s what this is all about! Heck, you might even be the next Zuckerberg! (Just remember us when you’re super famous and wealthy.)

Q: Will you use my content?
A: Yes. As we said above, we have a huge audience and will feature the winner’s posts on our blog and in social media. We’re expecting some amazing entries so we may even feature runners-up. You can thank us for all that free exposure later. Just be sure to let us know who to tag!

Q: When will I hear from you?
A: Scholarship winner will be announced by January 31, 2021

Q: If I win, how will the funds be disbursed to me?
A: We will send your funds in the form of a check. Please be sure to use an accurate mailing address in your application.

Q: If I win, when will I receive my check?
A: Funds will be dispersed by February 28th of 2021.

Q: Do I need good grades to qualify?
A: No, just good ideas.

Q: Do I need to show proof of income?
A: No, just make the most amazing video ever.

Q: Does it matter how many likes or views my video gets?
A: It would certainly get our attention, and is one of the criteria we will base our judgment on.

Q: Who’s judging this anyway?
A: Our internal team of digital marketing experts at Boot Camp Digital.

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