Social media gurus, Boot Camp Digital, host an on-demand training course that teaches businesses to grow through Pinterest marketing.


Since 2010, Pinterest’s growth to 70+ million users has been rapid. Defined by its massive female adoption and visually focused platform, it has become an important tool for businesses using social media marketing. From popular retailers to small-time bloggers, Pinterest has been an avenue of success for countless businesses. Now, more businesses are adopting the trend and giving Pinterest marketing a try.

Pinterest’s design is perfect for businesses because it allows amazing visual content to link directly back to your website, which helps Pinterest rank as the top social network for website referrals. More importantly, not only are Pinterest users clicking through to Pinner’s websites, they are spending money, and a lot of it. The average Pinterest referral is spending upwards of $140, nearly 10x the average spend of a Facebook referral. The opportunity for businesses is clear, and its only growing as Pinterest rolls out new features for businesses.

Now, businesses interested in launching or improving their Pinterest marketing strategy have the opportunity to learn from one of social media’s biggest names. Krista Neher, CEO of Boot Camp Digital, has launched a brand new training, “Pinterest Marketing for Businesses.” Neher’s new class focuses on using Pinterest as a marketing tool for all types of businesses. Case studies explore some of Pinterest’s biggest success stories, from Sephora to Sony, and actionable tips help businesses implement Pinterest Marketing strategies with ease.

Don’t think your company has the resources to see success on Pinterest? Neher, who has been using Pinterest marketing since its inception, says, “Our company spends less than 1-hour a week on Pinterest. That is less than any other social network, and Pinterest consistently tops our social referral charts. There’s no other internet marketing or social media strategy that provides us such an impressive ROI.”

Starting July 9, 2014, you can take advantage of Boot Camp Digital’s on-demand training and learn how to use Pinterest marketing for business. Krista Neher’s high-energy, entertaining Pinterest training course will inspire you and give you the tools to start seeing results on Pinterest.

About Boot Camp Digital
Boot Camp Digital (https://bootcampdigital.com/) is a top-rated provider of social media, Internet marketing and digital training to companies of all sizes. Boot Camp Digital has worked with the biggest and best companies including Procter & Gamble, Google, The United States Senate, Macy’s, GE and more. Krista Neher (www.kristaneher.com) is the CEO of Boot Camp Digital and is an internationally recognized speaker, a social media expert and bestselling author of The Social Media Field Guide and Visual Social Media Marketing.

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