Social Media Training Experts, Boot Camp Digital, Present Facebook Marketing 101 For Business.


March 18, 2014– On April 8th, Boot Camp Digital will present Facebook Marketing 101 (https://bootcampdigital.com/facebook-marketing/) and provide a business-focused introduction to the largest social media platform to date. The Cincinnati social media training company is excited to offer this course online for live and on-demand viewing.

In 2004 Facebook began as a small university-only social network with no potential for business use. Today, Facebook is available to everyone and resides as the primary social network for connecting and staying up to date with friends and family, now hosting over 1.26 billion profiles.

Businesses have the unique opportunity on Facebook to connect with nearly their entire audience, and most of the world, on one platform. Even with the emergence of countless other social networks, Facebook remains the largest and most frequented network online.

Boot Camp Digital’s Facebook Marketing 101 training is a business’ introduction to the world’s first and largest social network. Learn all the ins and outs of the website where more than 40% of Americans spend a portion of their day. Take advantage of the enormous audience and learn Boot Camp Digital’s best Facebook strategies to help grow your business.

Boot Camp Digital will take you through the basics of Facebook marketing for businesses. You’ll learn exactly how to leverage your Facebook page to engage your current audience and create an even larger following. Businesses not currently on Facebook, or using Facebook improperly, are missing huge opportunities to develop a larger audience.

“If Facebook marketing isn’t part of your social media strategy, you’re missing out on an immense audience” says Krista Neher, CEO of Boot Camp Digital. “Because Facebook is by far the largest social network, it can’ the ignored by businesses. There’s tons of opportunity for local, startup, and large businesses on Facebook and I’m excited to share with them my best strategies.”

Lead trainer Krista Neher is a professional social media speaker, an internationally sought after social media trainer, a bestselling author and an experienced social media educator. Neher has successfully used social media to grow her business since 2007. She speaks professionally about the benefits of  Facebook marketing and is sharing her top strategies during Boot Camp Digital’s Facebook Marketing 101 training program.

TheFacebook Marketing Training will take place April 8th at 1pm EST. The training can be accessed online either streamed live on April 8th or on-demand after the live training.

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