January 30, 2013 — Boot Camp Digital (bootcampdigital.com), the social media and digital marketing training company is hosting a brand new online social media course focused on Snapchat, Instagram Video and Vine: Marketing in 15 Seconds or Less.  (https://bootcampdigital.com/snapchat-instagram-video-and-vine-video-marketing-training/)

When micro-video entered the social media landscape one year ago with the launch of Vine, an app that creates 6 second videos for twitter, there weren’t a lot of businesses taking the new network seriously. Similarly, the astounding success that snapchat has had with younger demographics still hasn’t garnered much attention from businesses.

Although heavily populated with impressionable young people, these micro-video sharing platforms are still absent from most businesses’ social media strategies. Many businesses have not found easy ways to engage on these platforms and have ignored them Snapchat marketingentirely.

Businesses that don’t shift their strategies towards the use of snapchat, vine, and instagram video are missing out on a huge opportunity. The short, to-the-point, engaging videos that are storming the social media scene are becoming essential for any serious social media marketing strategy.

Boot Camp Digital’s “Marketing in 15 Seconds or Less Social Media Video Online Training” shows businesses exactly how to strategically use Snapchat, Vine, and Instagram Video in ways that will boost brand awareness and customer engagement. Participants will learn tips, tricks, and case studies explaining how to run a successful micro-video campaign.

“We’re very excited to help businesses navigate these new, highly-effective networks,” says Krista Neher, CEO of Boot Camp Digital. “Many business are curious about these new tools but haven’t found ways to effectively integrate them into their current digital strategy. Our online training course will teach businesses exactly what they need to know in order to successfully utilize these new tools.”

Lead trainer Krista Neher is a professional social media speaker, an internationally sought after social media trainer, a bestselling author and an experienced social media educator. Like all of Neher’s programs, this online social media training course is action-oriented and focused on driving business results. Snapchat training, Vine Marketing Training, and Instagram Video training are in high-demand. This topical online training tackles all the networks in a comprehensive result driven program.

The Marketing in 15 Seconds or Less online training program will take place February 20th at 1pm EST. The training can be accessed online either streamed live on February 20th or on-demand after the live training program.

Those interested in attending can register and get more information at https://bootcampdigital.com/snapchat-instagram-video-and-vine-video-marketing-training/. New classes like this sell out quickly, sign up right away to reserve your seat.

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