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Marketers Lack Skills Needed for Success, Scoring 36% on Digital IQ Test

March 12, 2021

Over 2000 people have taken our Digital IQ Quiz and the scores are surprising.

Marketers collectively scored 36% overall on the quiz which covers key digital marketing and social media topics. They showed gaps in knowledge in the following areas: measurement, strategy, content marketing, social media, digital advertising, and SEO.

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Our results also showed that marketers think tactically more than they think strategically. 60% of the time they answered tactical questions correctly, but less than half the time they answered strategic questions correctly.

percentage of questions answered illustrates how marketers think tactics over strategy

As experienced digital marketers, our organization knows the importance of strategic thinking in digital marketing. Without strategy, marketers are playing a big game of chance, and trying tactics with no clear idea of what is working. Our survey results confirm this.

Our Solution: Training that focuses on strategy

We know that strategic marketing gets better results because we’ve successfully implemented strategic marketing campaigns for over 15 years. At Boot Camp Digital, we are passionate about helping businesses succeed with digital marketing and we know what works.

That is why we have created a full suite of digital marketing and social media training programs for all levels and styles of learning. We offer virtual and in-person training, in a live interactive format and in a recorded online course format.

We compiled the data from our Digital IQ Quiz into a report of the top skills that digital marketers need to improve most, and power tips on how upskill. Get the full report + tips for marketers to improve their skillset.

Digital Marketers are in high demand, but the supply of skilled marketers is low.

Our mission is to help digital marketers get the skills they need to get hired and get results.

Our digital marketing and social media courses not only improve your digital IQ but will improve your results! When you improve your knowledge, you improve your revenue, leads, and visibility for your brand or organization.

Boot Camp Digital is a digital marketing training company, providing online and live training for individuals and organizations looking to gain the skills or advance their skills in digital marketing and social media.

Average Digital IQ ScoreGaps in Social Media Skills: Percentage of Marketers who Answered Questions On These Topics Incorrectly

Skills marketers are lacking mostPercentage of Questions Answered Incorrectly Shows Where Marketers Lack Skills MostWhat social media tactic do marketers use most to drive traffic to a sale on their website?What is digital marketing centered around?54% don’t understand the difference between reach and impressionsname the best tool for driving word of mouthname the best tool for reaching your target audience

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