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Statistics Show Marketers Lack Skills Needed for Success, Scoring 36% on Digital IQ Quiz

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Marketers Lack Skills Needed for Success

Allison Chaney

Mar 12 2021

Digital Marketing Skills Research Report: Digital IQ Quiz Results

We surveyed over 2000 people to test their digital knowledge and compiled the data that highlights the top skills that digital marketers need to improve on most. Our report also includes specific power tips on how to improve skill sets in all areas of digital marketing.

In our digital marketing skills research report, the stats show the gaps in skill sets.

Here are the highlights of the results of our annual digital marketing skills assessment research report. For the full report and more tips on how you can improve your digital IQ, click here.


For our annual skills assessment report, we surveyed over 2000 people to test their digital knowledge and here’s what we discovered. 

Average Digital IQ Score Marketers still have a lot to learn. 

What’s interesting about these results is that we find that marketers self-assess their knowledge as more advanced than they actually are. In our Digital IQ test, we found that on average, marketers had an average score of 36%. This is shocking for an audience that expected to get an “A” on the test and score closer to 90%. 


Our Digital IQ Test asks questions on all areas of digital marketing including strategy, content, social media tools, SEO and measurement. According to the questions that were answered wrong most of the time, marketers are lacking skills most in the areas of: 

Strategy – only answered correctly 55% of the time

Measurement – only answered correctly 52% of the time

Percentage of Questions Answered Incorrectly Shows Where Marketers Lack Skills Most

Strategy and measurement are two of the most important skills for digital marketers. 

Everything in your plan must flow from a strategy. When you have a clear strategy, you have a clear goal in mind of what you want to achieve, you understand your audience, and the content flows from a clearly defined strategy. 

Effective measurement allows you to know what’s working and not working, so you can adjust your strategy and make smarter decisions on where to focus your marketing efforts. Without strategy and measurement, you are just throwing things against the wall hoping that something sticks. This is not efficient, effective, or sustainable.

Gaps in Social Media Skills

Our survey also showed the gaps in skill set among the social media platforms.

Statistics: Gaps in Social Media Skills: Percentage of Marketers who Answered Questions On These Topics Incorrectly

Marketers are strong in creating content but lack strategic skills

The key takeaway here is that marketers have the skills to create great content, and most are familiar with how to use social media. The opportunity lies in learning how to apply strategic thinking to create a clear plan that gets results, and measuring the results so you can make smarter marketing decisions. 

Chart: Skills marketers are lacking most

Power Tips to Level Up Your Digital Marketing Knowledge

Although the digital marketing industry is abundant with opportunities for long term career growth, you also need to keep your skills sharp to stay in the game. That’s why we curated this list of power tips to level up your digital skills and land your dream job or advance your career. We break it down by the 4 key areas most marketers should focus most.

For the deep dive into the 4 key areas marketers can improve their skill sets most, click here to get the full report.

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