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4 Ways Your Business Can Use Social Media to Build Success

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Jan 11 2013

I don’t care if you’re an individual trying to grow your brand, a small business owner, or an employee of a gigantic corporation – social media is for everyone! It doesn’t matter what kind of service or product you sell, or what line of work you are in. From dental practices to clothing stores to individual photographers – there is ALWAYS an opportunity to use social networks to expand your brand. I’ve listed 6 ideas below, and these are just 6 of thousands of ways you can get a Return on Investment from social media! If you need more help planning your strategy and getting results from social media, check out our upcoming class: Social Media and ROI.

1) Host a Contest

People love free stuff, and that’s never going to change. Holding a contest that you can promote over your social networks will cost you basically no money. Just offer an awesome package involving your product or service, and make it so that the terms involve people posting something to their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or more. People will be excited at the opportunity of winning something, and in the meantime, they’re doing all of your marketing for you!

2) Start a Blog

If you haven’t done this yet, don’t waste another second. People always get intimidated when they hear the word “blog” and think it involves hours of writing and coming up with good content. In all honesty though, people are lazy, and they don’t like to read any more than they have to. Just create a blog that you post in one or twice a week, with very brief, short, helpful tips that people will find worth coming back for – make sure it has something to do with your product or service, and suddenly, you’re the expert that people will turn to when it comes to purchasing time!

3) Video!!!

We are in the Age of YouTube – people are always hungry for new information and ideas, and if it’s in video format, they are much more likely to watch it. All they have to do to learn more information is click one button – play – and suddenly you have their attention. Don’t shamelessly sell your product, just share useful information that will make people feel grateful for you and BOOM – you just created a lead.

4) Always Focus on Visual Content

If the latest social networks to explode (Pinterest, Instagram) tell us anything, it’s that people are tired of text and they’re thirsty for images. Networks like Instagram and Pinterest are visually stimulating, and people process images twice as fast as they process text – if you want to get your customers’ attention, you better get active on these sites immediately!

So there are some starting points for you – now get to it! The web changes every day, and if you want to move forward instead of back, you better start adjusting your social media plan and doing everything you can to keep your customers and fans interested. Remember, we have been doing this for years and are here to help – definitely check out our new Social Media and ROI training class on Social Media ROI: How to Engineer Return into Your Social Media!

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