5 Performance Enhancing PPC Tips From Expert John Crenshaw

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Patrick Carroll

Mar 12 2014

Cincinnati AMA hosted an amazing lunchtime learning session with SEO, PPC, Content Marketing Expert John Crenshaw of Razorlight Media. He presented “5 Easy Fixes To Dramatically Improve PPC Performance” and we live-blogged the presentation:

These 5 performance enhancing tips can save money, increase leads, and vastly improve ROI. 

#1 Disable The Display Network

The display network requires a completely different strategy from search marketing and takes months to understand if it’s working for your businesses. Make sure you’re doing “search network only” to maximize your budget and ROI. 

#2 Remove “Broad Match” Terms

You spent a significant amount of time understanding what specific keywords will drive more leads to your site. Don’t let Google convince you that their broad match terms are just as valuable for your business.  Sometimes completely irrelevant searches will trigger your ad if it is using broad match terms, causing you to pay for useless unqualified traffic.

google adwords#3 Break Keywords Into Specific Ad Groups

Write more targeted ads with more specific groups of keywords. Often times, keywords relevant to your business are not all relevant to each other, requiring different ads to achieve high quality scores. Creating specific ad groups for each keyword allows you to create more targeted ads, increase your quality score and in turn reduce ad spend.

#4 Simplify Your Match Type

Stay organized. Use modified broad search to keep your ad groups organized and ensure you’re not overwhelmed with the amount of keywords in your ad groups and campaign.

 #5 Create Ads And Landing Pages To Match The Searcher’s Intent

Figuring out the intent behind someone’s search and creating a matching landing page is one of the most effective way to increase qualified leads. Creating ads that match the user’s intent will increase the ads click through rate, reduce cpc, and generate cheaper higher-quality leads. Understand their intent, improve ROI. 

Whether you’re a seasoned Adwords pro or you’re just putting together your first campaign,  you can see very real ad improvements by taking advantage of these tips. To learn more, check out John’s blog at  http://rlmseo.com/blog

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