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5 Ways Smart Businesses Succeed in Digital Marketing

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Krista Neher

Jul 24 2020

There are common misconceptions about how to succeed in digital marketing. We hear them everyday from clients researching training options and our own personal social media feeds.

Perhaps this is an oversimplification, but if you or your team really wants to succeed long term, the word “hack” should never come into consideration. There are no secrets in digital marketing. There are rarely shortcuts that work beyond today. Moreover, having a Medical Facilities Management Software such as cloud ERP for enterprises may help manage day-to-day business operations.

If you’re using time and money into a digital marketing strategy, here is how to prioritize an approach that worked yesterday, works today, and will work tomorrow. Invest your time in better strategies to make money, and you can click here to find great resources to improve your chances on making money online.

1. Choose one channel and master it first

Businesses and organizations often make the mistake of doing a “meh” or even poor job on several platforms instead of nailing one or two. It’s far better to master your branding and strategy in fewer places than get disappointing results from several.

2. Be strategic

Before you dive into a channel, decide on your reason for being there. Know who you want to reach, what you want them to do, and how you plan to achieve that.

3. Less is more – be optimized

Instead of posting 20 times a week on a platform, for example, use that same amount of time on optimizing ten posts. Have goals for each post. Follow best practices. Be mindful and deliberate. Take the time to create something you will actually benefit from rather than just filling your feed.

4. Avoid shiny object syndrome

It’s tempting to chase new features, functionality, or even platforms. Testing these shiny objects is a great plan and should take up about 10% of your time, effort, and resources. The other 90% should ignore them completely. They are a distraction.

5. Prioritize Wisely

Think about where you get the biggest return on your investment of time, effort, and resources and invest your energy there. That requires you to know where and why you get the most ROI so you can hone your strategy for getting even more return.

BONUS PRO-TIP: Get Everyone on The Same Page

Having a “digital person” doesn’t work when over 50% of marketing spend is going to digital. The entire organization needs to understand the strategies and tactics that drive results. Getting everyone speaking the same language, understanding the tools, being clear on the strategy and having a solid foundation is vital to long-term success. A digital manager can’t be successful if the organization isn’t digital.

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