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5 Ways to Stay up to Date with Digital Marketing

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5 Ways to stay up to date with digital marketing

Allison Chaney

Feb 23 2021

Digital marketing changes at a rapid pace. As soon as you think you have it nailed, a new social media network emerges, or an advertising platform changes their rules, or Google Analytics decides to launch a new version. So how do you stay up to date with digital marketing?

It takes discipline, a consistent learning plan, and a combination of the best resources to stay current with digital marketing. When you’re up to date, you’ll create better results. We’ve curated this list for you of 5 ways to stay up to date with digital marketing.

  1. Read Industry Publications
    Authored by industry experts, industry publications are a great resource to keep up to date with the latest digital marketing news. Here are the top sites we recommend for keeping up with digital marketing industry news:
    Marketing Land
    Search Engine Land
    Search Engine Watch
    Social Media Today
  2. Read Digital Marketing Blogs
    Subscribe to digital marketing blogs that provide consistent news updates or information on latest tips and current trends. To add value to our audience we curate a monthly round-up of digital marketing and social media news and publish it on our blog.

    Click here to view the monthly digital marketing news update. The best thing about the Boot Camp Digital monthly news update? We spend the time curating the latest news in digital marketing so you don’t have to. Yay efficiency!

  3. Follow Social Media Experts
    Many social media experts love to share tips to help other marketers succeed as well. Follow experts who often share tips or success stories. Experts love to spread the word about the latest and greatest in digital, so stay connected to them and you’ll be among the first to know.

    Who are the top social media experts? Notice who is generating content in industry publications, who is mentioned and tagged consistently in online conversations with digital marketers.

  4. Join Social Media Groups
    Social media groups on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook are great places to build relationships with other digital marketers and experts. In industry-focused groups, you’ll find digital marketers who share their expertise, answer questions, and offer advice.

    To find groups of digital marketers, search for digital marketing related keywords in LinkedIn and Facebook, and filter your search by groups. Join 3 groups and commit to a month of engagement as a test.To participate in the groups and get value, ask questions and seek advice. After a month, determine if you received enough value to stay engaged with the group. If you learned something new from the group, it might be worth it to stay engaged. You’ll find a lot of experts in social media groups, and peers who are happy to share digital marketing tips and advice.

    They also often share news and latest findings with their networks. In our Digital Marketing Insiders group, members can ask questions and get an expert answer. It’s a great way to stay on top of digital marketing.
    The All Access Pass includes free enrollment in the Digital Marketing Insiders community.
    Smart marketers are always learning more by asking questions of other experts.

  5. Subscribe to Email Newsletters
    Sign up for email newsletters for industry publications or blogs that you find most valuable so you don’t miss an update or forget to check the sites.

To avoid feeling overwhelmed with staying up to date with digital marketing, have an ongoing learning plan. Subscribing to newsletters can add efficiency to your plan. Subscribe to a few good trusted sources and you’ll stay up to date with the latest in digital marketing. This is how the experts do it!

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