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Bottom Shape

The Key to Earning Attention Online

Erin Hertzenberg

Jun 17 2013

Many companies spend time and money everyday to advertise their name.  What many companies do not understand however is the difference between annoying their audience (Interruption Marketing) and giving them the information that they need  and want (Permission Marketing).  Take...

5 Incredible Social Media Statistics for 2013


Jun 08 2013

Social media has been consistently growing in importance since its inception, and 2013 has been the biggest year for social media yet. Social networks are reaching record-breaking numbers of users, over 88% of businesses are active on social media, and...

Social Media Cat Meme Monday – Part 12!


Feb 11 2013

Happy Monday everyone! Margeaux (our social media cat) has a brand new tip for this week: a good start to the morning shouldn't just involve coffee - it should also involve being active on your social networks, checking in on...

Social Media Cat Meme Monday – Part 11!


Feb 04 2013

Happy Monday to you all! Our social media cat Margeaux's newest tip is to make sure you don't get boxed out by other companies on social media - post cool content and you'll guarantee to be heard! If you need...

Social Media Cat Meme Monday – Part 10!


Jan 28 2013

Happy Monday social networkers! Hopefully you've had a nice start to the week. Our social media cat Margeaux has a new tip today: Remember not to get frustrated if you're social media strategy isn't working initially. Just take a step...

Social Media Cat Meme Monday – Part 9!


Jan 21 2013

Happy Monday all! We hope you are having a great start to the week. Margeaux, our social media cat, has a new tip for you: Remember to keep your eye on the prize with social media... you want to be...

Social Media Cat Meme Monday – Part 8!


Jan 14 2013

Happy Monday to everybody! We hope your week is off to a great start. Margeaux, our social media cat, has a new tip today: Now that your business is present on social networks, you should always look your best! Update...

4 Ways Your Business Can Use Social Media to Build Success


Jan 11 2013

I don't care if you're an individual trying to grow your brand, a small business owner, or an employee of a gigantic corporation - social media is for everyone! It doesn't matter what kind of service or product you sell,...

Social Media Planning for 2013!


Dec 26 2012

Last week we had an awesome training on Trends & Planning for Your 2013 Social Media Strategy - we weren't surprised at the huge turnout we had (both in our live Cincinnati class and our online training webinar) because so...
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