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Boot Camp Digital Now Accepting Guest Blogs


Jul 12 2012

We receive a number of requests for guest bloggers on our blog, and until now we really haven’t included guest blogs on the Boot Camp Digital blog.  That being said, we are now happy to announce that we will be...

Check-In for Charity in July


Jul 02 2012

We are very excited to announce the next charity we will be donating to in our monthly Facebook and Foursquare Check-In for Charity campaign! We really love the idea of using social media for a good cause, and we've had lots...

We’re Entering a Contest and We Need YOUR HELP!


Jun 27 2012

We at Boot Camp Digital are constantly striving to improve our social media & Internet marketing education programs so that they are more beneficial to all our customers. That is why we have entered Chase Bank and Living Social's "Mission:...

New Cincinnati Social Media Class: New Facebook Features and How to Use Them to Drive Your Business


Jun 21 2012

Unless you've completely avoided the Internet lately, you've probably noticed all of the new features that have been recently added on Facebook, including Timeline and promoted posts. Many of the recent changes have a lot of companies taking a second...

15 Memorable Social Media Quotes


Feb 06 2012

Everyday there are tons of social media articles, blog posts, tweets and comments that are shared on the Internet.  When going through this constant flow of information, it's always fun to discover insightful ideas and interesting quotes from social media...

Social Media Marketing Training: 5 Reasons to Have a Blog


Aug 04 2011

1. Establish Yourself As an Expert Do you have great ideas to share in your industry? What makes your company special in today’s economy? Do you visit a lot of trade shows and conferences? These are perfect reasons for any...

The Power of the Blog


Feb 28 2011

As I was reading New York Times Magazine yesterday, I came across an article about a Mommy blogger who receives around 100,000 hits on her site per day as she blogs about everything from her family, her job, her kids,...

7 Reasons to Blog

Krista Neher

Aug 30 2010

A few years ago blogging was extremely popular. It has declined in popularity recently despite the fact that it remains a popular social media tool. Blogs provide a number of business benefits, however many blogs don't get results because they...

Yahoo! Web Style Guide


Jul 08 2010

Yahoo! Knows How to Write for the Web? Do you know how to write for the web? Well, Yahoo has just released their new Yahoo! Web Style Guide (available now!) and companion website to help you answer that question. When...
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