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Social Media Planning for 2013!

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Dec 26 2012

Last week we had an awesome training on Trends & Planning for Your 2013 Social Media Strategy – we weren’t surprised at the huge turnout we had (both in our live Cincinnati class and our online training webinar) because so many people need help figuring out how to get results from social media in 2013.

There was so much useful information in the training that I wanted to share it with everyone who reads our blog. I covered Social Media Trends for 2013 last week, and today I’m going to cover social media planning for 2013!

Obviously, social media strategies are going to differ from company to company. But there are a few key things that every business needs to keep in mind if they want to have an effective, consistently successful plan.

The first idea you always have to remember is that you can’t plan social media separately from everything else. Your social media has to fit right into the rest of your business strategy. Always link your social media marketing to your broader marketing plans, and look for opportunities to use social media to augment your existing marketing plans. If you feel lost, just start with an assessment: Where are you in terms of brand awareness, sales, etc – and where are your competitors?

The second idea you have to keep in mind is priorities. Always prioritize your plan so that you are getting the time-sensitive stuff done first and can focus on other things you have to do when you have more time. Build a timeline of what you will execute, when you’ll execute it, how you’ll execute it, and where you can get the resources… you’d be surprised how much it helps.

The final idea you need to keep in mind is the #1 Success Power Tip: Always Be Improving. As social media inevitably changes, your strategy will need to change too. Remember to constantly keep up on the latest updates to social networks and apply them to your brand or business. Build mini-tests into your plan so you are always aware of what’s working and what’s not with your social media marketing.

So… lots of stuff going on and lots to think about. I know it can be overwhelming, but just remember to focus on one thing at a time – focus on doing 1 or 2 things really well instead of trying to juggle 10 balls at once and doing a mediocre job. If you need more help and want to learn about more tools, strategies, and tactics you can use for the new year, check out our Social Media Trends and Planning for 2013 online training!

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