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The BEST Social Media Network Comparison Cheat Sheet [Infographic]

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Krista Neher

Dec 20 2023

Which social networks should my business be on? Do we need to add TikTok? Should we be on Instagram? Is X still relevant?

This social media infographic chart includes the latest stats and facts about the biggest social networks.

Before adding social networks to your marketing plan, have a strategy. A social media strategy lets you focus on the networks that matter most.

How do you know which social network best fits your business?

We compared social networks, looked at statistics, compiled the data, and created this cheat sheet. This snapshot infographic shows exactly which social networks will deliver impact in 2024.

This number one chart shows how each social network compares and their best practices. Not only can you find information on user demographics (e.g. age, gender, etc.), but you will also find what each network is known for and the content that performs best.

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Social Networks Key Takeaways 


It is still the largest social network with 2.98 billion users, Facebook isn’t going anywhere. While the algorithm can be challenging for businesses to earn organic visibility, Facebook is focusing on adding organic reach back in 2024 with their commitment to discoverability. The reality is, you can’t afford to ignore the biggest social network.


Reels is paving the way for Instagram with short-form video. Short-form video is a great place for digital marketing in 2023. Watch out for Threads growing this year as Meta places big bets on this platform.


The younger audience is here. Additionally, there is an almost even split in gender demographics. There are still big opportunities for brands to grow on TikTok — most businesses still don’t have an active strategy. TikTok shops is the big play to drive more commerce and business in 2024.


YouTube is focused on shorts and traditional YouTube videos. YouTube is still the second-largest search engine and is becoming a robust platform for a high ROI and low cost per video view. This network has great opportunities because it is largely ignored.


Business professionals and B2B marketing have made LinkedIn the go-to network for business. Over the past year, the network has had many updates to increase the user experience. This is largely partly due to a demographic shift from an older audience to 60% of millennials aged 25-34.


This is still one of the easiest and most effective ways to help you boost your awareness online. Pinterest has a very niche and loyal user base and is the only network that is primarily female (76%).

X (formerly Twitter)

Twitter is undergoing a rebrand and has experienced massive declines in the last year. This may not be the best time to invest in the platform.

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Social Networks Compared At A Glance

  • Social network is known for
  • Userbase
  • Gender
  • Prominent age
  • Great for
  • Ideal content
  • New content opportunities
  • Advertising
  • Drawbacks

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