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Social Media Networks: Choosing Where to Play

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Krista Neher

Dec 06 2022

There are many social media networks and choosing where to play can be a challenge. There is no single answer for where businesses should start.

When choosing which social media networks to participate in, consider the following factors:


Be where your audience is.

  • Is your audience there?
  • Are they engaged?


Invest energy in the networks that are the best set-up to help you achieve your business objectives. For example, Instagram doesn’t allow users to share links, so it usually isn’t an ideal network for businesses wanting to drive leads or sales directly.

  • How does the network let users participate?
  • How do people use the network and are they open to your message?


What do you hope to get out of participating in the network? If you are new to social media you may not know, but it can be helpful to research benchmarks and set some goals and expectations. Many businesses jump into a network with no idea of what they are hoping to achieve and eventually find that their efforts didn’t drive the results they wanted.

  • What is your estimated impact/result?


How much time, effort, and resources will your execution take? Some networks may be less resource-intensive to build a presence on. Be sure you understand what you need to invest and compare this to your anticipated return to make sure you are maximizing your return on investment (ROI).

  • What is the estimated cost/time/effort to succeed?
  • Consider time, tools, growing your following, etc.


It is better to do one network well vs. many poorly. Focus on gaining success with one network before you add another. Many businesses find that focused efforts on a single network or two give them significant business results.

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