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Best Practices for Every Social Network Cheat Sheet [Infographic]

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The Number One Social Networks Best Practice Cheat Sheet

Krista Neher

Dec 22 2023

Each year brings big changes for social networks. In 2024 make sure that you are on the leading edge with the most relevant best practices for social.

This infographic cheat sheet answers the top questions about social media best practices.

Want to know when and how much you should be posting? How many hashtags to use? Are your videos too long or too short? When is the best time of day to post? We compiled data, stats, and proven methods to show you what really works in 2024 in this handy infographic chart.

social networks best practices cheat sheet infographic

Social Media Best Practices (by network) Key Takeaways 

Facebook & Instagram

Reels is paving the way for Instagram and Facebook with short-form video. The ideal video length for a Reel on Facebook is 7–30 seconds; on Instagram, it is 5–30 seconds. Remember, best practice says your videos should be short, catchy, and have a hook. Additionally, Facebook Ads is still leading in helping you build your audience quickly and share your message. While you are at it, go ahead and take a look at Threads from Instagram to expand your reach on Instagram.


Everything is all about discovery, with the algorithm helping to increase views. The key to TikTok is to have not good, but great content to break through. The Best Practice is to keep your videos short (7-15 seconds), use effects, and remember to post (1-7x a week) when your audience is online.


This is still one of the best platforms for search, especially if your content is focused on educating, creating, or has a clear storyline. The optimal YouTube video length is 2–3 minutes, but you can go longer if your video is clear and purposeful. Another great feature is to break up your longer content into Shorts (5-30 seconds) to expand your audience and reach.


Business professionals are still driving the best practices for LinkedIn. You can have longer videos (30-90 seconds), images, links, and polls to engage your audience. Additionally, content focused on thought leadership and a clear value added to the audience performs best. Another best practice to remember is to post during business hours & weekdays.


The key to Pinterest is to post often and to spread it throughout the day. Having a variety of content that can be shared on multiple boards increases the likelihood that your post will be pinned.

X (formerly Twitter)

If you are still using Twitter(X), spread your content throughout the day and mix it up. Post links, pictures, GIFs, etc, to mix up your feed. Be sure to comment, like, and retweet (or post).

Social Networks Best Practices At A Glance

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