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The Ultimate LinkedIn Profile Checklist

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The Ultimate LinkedIn Profile Checklist

Krista Neher

Nov 21 2021

LinkedIn is the #1 social network for business. EVERY. SINGLE. QUARTER. LinkedIn is posting record users and engagement onsite.

PLUS they continue to roll out TONS of features to get even more out of your presence. This LinkedIn Checklist gives you pro tips and tricks to be successful on the platform.

Your LinkedIn Profile Checklist

  • Photo: Great photo (smiling and face takes up 60% of the frame)
  • Headline: Describes what you do and why you do it. Differentiates you from others.
  • Cover Image: Sets the tone for what you are all about. Customize this.
  • Summary: Clearly describes what you do and why you are awesome. Use 3 sentences and bullets to make your story pop.
  • Featured Section: Highlights accomplishments or relevant articles/videos about what you do.
  • Experience: Is fully complete and highlights tangible accomplishments. This can include more than jobs.
  • Education: Includes professional certifications.
  • Recommendations: Give and receive at least 5 to show professionalism.
  • Volunteer Work: Builds a deeper connection based on what you care about.
  • Certifications and other sections: Great opportunities to highlight additional achievements.

Adding LinkedIn Connections

Aim to add new RELEVANT connections every week to grow your audience. Connect with people with who you share something in common with.

  • People you may know: Always has great suggestions.
  • Connect your email accounts: To see who you email that you aren’t connected to on LinkedIn.
  • Connections of friends: That are in your industry.
  • Employees of your workplace: Are always a great starting point.
  • Alumni from your college: Working in a similar space.
  • Commenters on friends posts: Are active and engaged.
  • Industry association members: Are usually looking to network.
  • Active group participants: Want to grow visibility and are active.
  • Likers of relevant posts: Are active and interested.
  • Hashtag users: Are looking to grow visibility.


Aim to post regularly on LinkedIn. Aim for 1 – 7 times a week. This builds your reputation within your network.

  • Link to relevant articles or news with your commentary
  • Share images from your workday or workplace
  • Share a short video with your insights
  • Create a poll to gauge opinions on something
  • Go LIVE to engage your audience
  • Celebrate an occasion with your connections
  • Share that you are hiring to increase visibility
  • Write an article for thought-leadership
  • Upload a PDF to share more details
  • Reshare from your company page
  • Reshare industry influencers
  • Reshare trending news to jump on hot topics
  • Use hashtags to increase exposure (3 -5 is recommended)
  • Tag other people in your posts to grow visibility
  • Tag businesses to get noticed by them

Grow Your Visibility on LinkedIn and Participate

Try to participate actively every time you are on LinkedIn. This will increase your visibility and grow your brand presence and awareness.

  • Like posts from connections
  • Comment on connection posts
  • Congratulate people on anniversaries or new jobs
  • Like posts from your company page
  • Share posts from your company page
  • Share popular and trending posts
  • Comment on posts from your company page
  • Comment on posts from industry-relevant pages
  • Re-share posts from industry leaders
  • Join relevant groups
  • Create posts in groups and start discussions
  • Comment on relevant group posts
  • Search hashtags and comment on relevant posts
  • Share posts with relevant hashtags
  • Send relevant private messages to contacts

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