3 Tips to Produce Amazing Blog Content for your Business

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Sep 12 2013

Once you’ve decided to start a blog for your business, it can be hard to consistently create fresh and useful content. However, the only way to keep people coming back to your blog is by giving them new posts to look at on a regular basis. Fresh blog updates also optimize your page for search engines, allowing more people to find your business.

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While you’re checking out this video, see if you see these tips in practice anywhere on our blog!

Tip #1 – Break up your content

Items that are broken down into numbered and bulleted lists are easier to consume and they keep people reading. Short, easy-to-digest content lets people scan and read the content they want and then quickly share it with others.

Tip #2 – Create amazing headlines

Use headlines that will drive people to your blog. Spend some time looking at blogs you like and see what makes you click (maybe something like “3 Tips to Produce Amazing Blog Content for your Business”…) Without a catchy headline, no one will even read your post.

Tip #3  – Have an Image

Social media continues to become more visual. You need a great image in your post that connects to your content and can be shared across other social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. That way, people will see the image, click on it, and come back to your post to read the content.

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3 Tips for Producing Amazing Blog Content for Your Business



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