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Jun 18 2010

toy story 3 is a promoted trend

Twitter Launches Promoted Trends

I read an article recently about Twitter selling ad space, back in April Twitter introduced Promoted Tweets, a platform to allow businesses to promote themselves within the Twitter stream. Now it seems Twitter has launched Promoted Trends, a feature that will allow advertisers to insert their own trends into Twitter’s trending topics.

Twitter’s Value

twitter logoTwitter’s value was released the other day at one billion dollars, impressive, but only one tenth of Facebook’s reported value. At some point Twitter will need to find a way to monetize their site, without

making it a pay service. I don’t have a problem with the paid placement of tweets and trends; I think it would be an excellent addition to any Internet or Social Media Marketing Plan.

How Twitter Needs to Handle Placed Trends

Here is what I want to see Twitter do with the paid placements. If they are allowing a company to pay to place an ad within the stream, call it out; make sure everyone understands someone paid to put that ad in their stream.  As far as the Promoted Trends, I want to be able to ignore this feature, because the whole point of Twitter’s trending topics it to see in real time what is happening in the “twitterverse”. You can already choose between worldwide, by country even by city. I don’t want to see the trending topics “polluted” with a paid placement.

a promoted tweet from Pixar about Toy Story 3By creating a competition for the top trending spot, with a Google AdWords type auction, it would created a nice competition and help Twitter make  money from  selling the ads. As Twitter continues to grow they have got to find a non-intrusive way to bring in advertising dollars while still being able to create enough awareness of the ads.

Mobile Application

More people are logging on to Social Media; Twitter specifically, using their mobile devices. If you use an iPhone and a free Twitter app you most likely have to deal with some sort of ad placement now, so by adding ads to the main Twitter page should be too much of a problem.

Number of Mobile Subscribers Accessing     Twitter via Mobile Browser 3 – month average ending Jan. 2010 vs. Jan. 2009 Total U.S. Age 13+
Total Audience
Jan-09 Jan-10 % of Change
Twitter.com 1,051,000 4,700,000 347
Source: comScore MobiLens

– brian tudor
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