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  • Industry-Recognized Personal Branding Certification
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  • 1:1 Personal Branding Coaching Sessions
  • Downloadable Quick-Start Guides, Action Planners & more
  • Includes LinkedIn Marketing Master Class



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Build A Strong Personal Brand To Attract The Opportunities You Want

LaunchYourself! is built on the foundations used to market the biggest brands in the world, and brings you a proven formula to Define, Design, and Deliver a powerful personal brand online that brings you professional success and opportunities.

Part 1: Define Your Brand

Create a personal brand that matches your objectives, aspirations and unique attributes.

Part 2: Design Your Brand

Craft a brand that is authentic, memorable, distinctive, credible and powerful based on the principles leading global brands use.

Part 3: Deliver Your Brand

Bring your brand to life to set you apart, build your platform, boost your credibility, and bring you opportunities.

This Certification Will Help You:

As a result of the program, participants have received job offers, new clients, media mentions, book deals, promotions, sales, professional opportunities, board seats, speaking engagements, executive positions, business partnerships and been able to elevate themselves and their organization.

  • Grow your business and your credibility
  • Establish yourself in a new field
  • Get promoted
  • Grow your network & attract new clients
  • Grow your opportunities and audience
  • Attract employers to you

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Get Your Free 7-point
Online Personal Brand Assessment

The first step in taking control of your personal brand is understanding how it measures up today.

Get the FREE Launch Yourself! Personal Brand Assessment to evaluate your current personal brand and get a clear vision of where you want it to go.

We’ll cover:

  • Why your personal brand matters
  • The brand that you want to build for yourself
  • The importance of designing a powerful brand
  • How to assess the strength of your current brand online
  • Tools to grow your personal brand online




This report will get you started on your path to success!


Program Outline

The Launch Yourself Online Personal Branding Program provides everything needed to create a compelling personal brand that delivers real results. Discover exactly how to define, design and bring to life a powerful personal brand.

  • Introduction (1:20)
  • Personal Branding (3:10)
  • Meet your Instructor – Krista Neher (4:05)
  • What is a Brand (5:05)
  • Is There Value to a Brand? (5:09)
  • What is a WOW Personal Brand? (2:23)
  • What Makes a WOW Brand? (8:15)
  • What is a Personal Brand? (3:26)
  • Why Does a Personal Brand Matter? (5:20)
  • Can I Reinvent Myself or Change Careers? (4:06)
  • Your Online Brand Establishes Your Reputation (1:32)
  • Your Online Brand Grows Your Credibility (1:32)
  • The Opportunities You Want (2:14)
  • The Journey of Personal Branding (3:13)
  • My Personal Branding Journey (5:42)
  • The Challenge of Personal Branding Online (2:47)
  • How to Build a Strong Personal Brand (7:23)
  • What is Your Current Brand? (6:06)
  • Get Inspired (5:11)
  • Drawing Inspiration From Others (4:53)
  • 3 Steps to a Powerful Personal Brand (3:49)
  • Defining Your Personal Brand (2:11)
  • Step 1: What Do You Want From Your Brand (6:17)
  • Step 2: Who is Your Target Audience (4:49)
  • Step 3: Who Are You & What Are You All About (16:00)
  • Personal Branding Case Study: Saul Colt (4:51)
  • Personal Branding Case Study: Marie Forleo (6:12)
  • Personal Branding Case Study: Gary Vaynerchuk (8:28)
  • Summary (5:49)
  • Introduction (2:25)
  • Introduction to the Personal Brand Pyramid (3:00)
  • Building Blocks Brand Strength (5:44)
  • Memorable Brands (12:53)
  • Authentic Brands (11:29)
  • Different Brands (5:05)
  • Educated Brands (11:45)
  • Summarize Your Building Blocks (4:42)
  • Establish Your Brand Character (14:36)
  • Create a “Mission” for Yourself (11:27)
  • Create a “Story” for Yourself (7:38)
  • Visual Look and Feel (6:01)
  • Design the Assets You Need (7:21)
  • Create Your Brand Pyramid (2:10)
  • Deliver a Powerful Personal Brand (3:01)
  • Step 1: Audit Yourself (11:24)
  • Step 2: Avoid Issues (12:42)
  • Step 3: Content Plan (2:26)
  • Content Topics (13:56)
  • Content Format – Video (14:33)
  • Video Best Practices (14:31)
  • Content Format – Images (10:48)
  • Content Format – Text (6:00)
  • Proactively Create a Powerful Personal Brand – Assets (9:34)
  • LinkedIn Quickview (16:58)
  • Facebook Quickview (22:12)
  • Instagram Quickview (12:59)
  • Website Quickview (9:59)
  • Blogging Quickview (9;57)
  • Blogging on external Sites (6:51)
  • YouTube Quickview (8:13)
  • SlideShare Quickview (7:31)
  • Twitter Quickview (8:34)
  • Community Quickview (5:29)
  • Establishing Your Social Presence (7:50)
  • Where to Play in Social Media (7:12)
  • Planning Your Social Presence (12:55)
  • Effective Management (6:12)
  • Get More Reach (3:05)
  • Legal Disclosures (4:27)

What’s Included In Your Personal Branding
Master Certification Training

In addition to the Launch Yourself! training program outlined above, the Personal Branding Certification
also includes these courses:

Linkedin Marketing

Review Course Material

High-impact Webinars

Review Course Material

Digital Marketing Tool Reviews

Review Course Material

We want you to have everything you need to succeed. Schedule 1:1 sessions with our personal branding coaches during your training and let us help you breakthrough to your best personal brand.

Boot Camp Digital is an industry-recognized leader in Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing training. Upon the completion of your training, you will receive not only your certificate, but also a professional endorsement on your LinkedIn profile.

With over 10 years of personal branding training under our belts, we offer you streamlined, easy to follow tools to deliver an intuitive learning experience. Our video-based modules are informative and engaging.

In addition to the online modules, you will have access to tons of useful, downloadable resources to not only help you through your training but also in building professional personal branding strategies.

You will also have the opportunity for weekly 1:1 Office Hours with one of our highly-qualified trainers. These sessions will allow you to ask questions that you have about the curriculum or how to apply it to your personal brand.

Each week we host a live webinar covering digital marketing topics relevant to you. All webinars are recorded and available for you to watch later.

Launch Yourself! Shows you exactly how to Define, Design and Deliver a strong personal brand that attracts the opportunities you want.

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Get this plus access to ALL our training courses and certification programs.


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Action Planners, Strategy Guides + More

Our Online Personal Branding Program includes downloadable resources, including Action Planners, Quick-Start Guides, StrategyTemplates, and Checklists to turn what you learned into action with best practices.

Get access to dozens of downloadable resources to get your personal branding strategy set up for success!

Support & Resources To Turn
Learning Into Action

Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge, support and resources you need for success online. In addition to full access to our entire course library and five industry-recognized certification programs, you also receive these member perks.

1:1 Mentoring

Boot Camp Digital expert trainers are available for 1:1 Office Hour calls to answer questions about the training or how you’re applying it to your work.

Private Facebook Group

Invitation to join our private Facebook group, Digital Marketing Insiders, to connect with our experts, other digital marketers, plus watch our weekly LiveCast webinar series.

Weekly Digital Report

Get the latest digital marketing news updates, case studies, bonus materials and more delivered to your inbox each week in our Digital Marketing Insiders Weekly Digital Report.

Digital Marketing Insiders
Weekly LiveCast Webinar

Each week we host a live webinar covering digital marketing topics relevant to you. All webinars are recorded and available for you to watch later.

Your program includes FREE enrollment into our popular Facebook
community, Digital Marketing Insiders. There you can participate in:

  • Digital News Updates – Our curated digital news updates bring you the most important digital marketing news.
  • Live Q&A – Bring questions specific to your business or marketing campaigns. No question is too specific or too generic.
  • Expert Interviews & Case Studies – Deep dive into the greatest triumphs and missteps in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Tool Reviews

Ever wish you could test-drive a tool to make sure it does what you need it to do? We demo the best tools out there so you can see exactly how it works and if it’s a good fit for you.

Exclusive Tool Discounts

We hand-selected our favorite efficiency and design tools and partnered with them to offer our members discounts unavailable to the general public.

High-Impact Digital Marketing Webinars

This collection of fast-paced webinars is filled with inspiration and practical ideas for digital marketers. Each webinar ranges from 30-60 minutes and covers a topic in a fun and rapid-fire way.

When you enroll in the All Access Pass, you will receive exclusive discount offerings on these digital tools,
a total savings of over $1,400.00!

How Do I Get Certified In
Personal Branding?

Our content is delivered in short, easy to understand video modules with busy professionals, like you, in mind. We make it convenient for you to get started with the most relevant content, track your course progress, and test out of training you may already be familiar with. Contact


Complete Personal Branding Training Courses

Quizzes are provided throughout each of the four master courses. Test your knowledge or bypass information you may already know.


Pass Final Assessment

A 40-question, cumultative test is required to assess your understanding. A minimum score of 70% is necessary to earn your certificate. You may retake the final test multiple times.


Submit Your Personal Branding Action Planner

Submit your Personal Branding Action Planner for review. Aim to complete 70-80% of it based on what is relevant for your business.


Display Your Personal Branding Certification

Display your newly earned credentials on your website, resume, LinkedIn profile and other social networks

All Access Pass Monthly Subscription

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  • Access to our entire online training library, including ALL courses and certification programs
  • Weekly LiveCast webinars, including Digital News Updates and live Member Q&A
  • 1:1 Office Hours to speak with our expert trainers directly – no question is too broad or specific!
  • Digital Marketing Insiders private Facebook group membership
  • Weekly Digital Report delivered to your inbox
  • Flexible membership for as long (or short) as you need it!
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Launch Yourself! Personal Branding Certification
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Online Digital Tool Discounts
Weekly LiveCast Webinar
Private Facebook Group
1:1 Office Calls with our Trainers
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Industry-Recognized Personal Branding Certification
  • 1:1 Personal Branding Coaching Sessions
  • Downloadable Quick-Start Guides, Action Planners & more
  • Includes LinkedIn Marketing Master Class

Yes. You can schedule a 1:1 call with one of our experts during Office Hours to get answers to your questions.

This program includes 12.5 hours of core training.

The All Access Pass is a monthly subscription to our entire online learning library, which includes courses, quizzes, downloadable resources, and bonus material. You also get membership into our Digital Marketing Insiders program which is a private Facebook group

The All Access Pass is a monthly subscription to the entire online library, including certification programs, and with it you get access to our Digital Marketing Insiders group where you can get updates and ask questions. As long as your subscription is active, you have access, and you can cancel any time.

A Certification program is 12 months of access to a certain set of courses. Upon successfully passing a final exam and submitting a project, you earn certification.

No matter how quickly you finish the program, you still have access for one year, including the 1:1 Office Hour appointments to ask questions or get advice.

Scroll up on this page to the section titled “Program Outline.” It details the topics covered and their length.

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