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Build a Strong Personal Brand to Attract Opportunities

Build a professional personal brand that attracts the opportunities you want & positions you as an expert.

LaunchYourself! uses the principles used to market the biggest brands in the world, and brings you a proven formula to Define, Design and Deliver a powerful personal brand online that brings you professional success and opportunities.

  • LaunchYourself! online training (70+ videos)
  • Action planner & implementation guide
  • Downloads and resources to implement
  • 1:1 Coaching with Office Hours
  • LinkedIn Masterclass ($197 value)
  • BONUS: High Impact Webinars ($197 value)
  • BONUS: Digital Marketing Tools ($197 value)

What Is Launch Yourself?

LaunchYourself! is an online program that provides everything needed to create a compelling personal brand that delivers real results. Discover exactly how to define, design and bring to life a powerful personal brand.


As a result of the program, participants have received: Job offers, new clients, media mentions, book deals, promotions, sales, professional opportunities, board seats, speaking engagements, executive positions, business partnerships and been able to elevate themselves and their organization.


Get Everything You Need to Get Results


Course Outline


Get started by understanding what you want your personal brand to do for you and get inspiration from others who are doing it well.


Create a personal brand that matches your objectives, aspirations and unique attributes.


Craft a brand that is authentic, memorable, distinctive, credible and powerful based on the principles leading global brands use.


Bring your brand to life and grow your audience and reach online. Grow your online presence to set you apart, build your platform and bring you opportunities.

  • Introduction (1:20)
  • Personal Branding (3:10)
  • Meet your Instructor – Krista Neher (4:05)
  • What is a Brand (5:05)
  • Is There Value to a Brand? (5:09)
  • What is a WOW Personal Brand? (2:23)
  • What Makes a WOW Brand? (8:15)
  • What is a Personal Brand? (3:26)
  • Why Does a Personal Brand Matter? (5:20)
  • Can I Reinvent Myself or Change Careers? (4:06)
  • Your Online Brand Establishes Your Reputation (1:32)
  • Your Online Brand Grows Your Credibility (1:32)
  • The Opportunities You Want (2:14)
  • The Journey of Personal Branding (3:13)
  • My Personal Branding Journey (5:42)
  • The Challenge of Personal Branding Online (2:47)
  • How to Build a Strong Personal Brand (7:23)
  • What is Your Current Brand? (6:06)
  • Get Inspired (5:11)
  • Drawing Inspiration From Others (4:53)
  • 3 Steps to a Powerful Personal Brand (3:49)


  • Defining Your Personal Brand (2:11)
  • Step 1: What Do You Want From Your Brand (6:17)
  • Step 2: Who is Your Target Audience (4:49)
  • Step 3: Who Are You & What Are You All About (16:00)
  • Personal Branding Case Study: Saul Colt (4:51)
  • Personal Branding Case Study: Marie Forleo (6:12)
  • Personal Branding Case Study: Gary Vaynerchuk (8:28)
  • Summary (5:49)
  • Introduction (2:25)
  • Introduction to the Personal Brand Pyramid (3:00)
  • Building Blocks Brand Strength (5:44)
  • Memorable Brands (12:53)
  • Authentic Brands (11:29)
  • Different Brands (5:05)
  • Educated Brands (11:45)
  • Summarize Your Building Blocks (4:42)
  • Establish Your Brand Character (14:36)
  • Create a “Mission” for Yourself (11:27)
  • Create a “Story” for Yourself (7:38)
  • Visual Look and Feel (6:01)
  • Design the Assets You Need (7:21)
  • Create Your Brand Pyramid (2:10)
  • Deliver a Powerful Personal Brand (3:01)
  • Step 1: Audit Yourself (11:24)
  • Step 2: Avoid Issues (12:42)
  • Step 3: Content Plan (2:26)
  • Content Topics (13:56)
  • Content Format – Video (14:33)
  • Video Best Practices (14:31)
  • Content Format – Images (10:48)
  • Content Format – Text (6:00)
  • Proactively Create a Powerful Personal Brand – Assets (9:34)
  • LinkedIn Quickview (16:58)
  • Facebook Quickview (22:12)
  • Instagram Quickview (12:59)
  • Website Quickview (9:59)
  • Blogging Quickview (9;57)
  • Blogging on external Sites (6:51)
  • YouTube Quickview (8:13)
  • SlideShare Quickview (7:31)
  • Twitter Quickview (8:34)
  • Community Quickview (5:29)
  • Establishing Your Social Presence (7:50)
  • Where to Play in Social Media (7:12)
  • Planning Your Social Presence (12:55)
  • Effective Management (6:12)
  • Get More Reach (3:05)
  • Legal Disclosures (4:27)

What You’ll Get

  • Over 70 video training modules
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Guides and resources to get started
  • Action planner to build your plan

We want you to have everything you need to succeed. Speak with our personal branding coaches 1:1 and let us help you breakthrough to your best personal brand.

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100% money back guarantee

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