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What You’ll Learn:

Agile marketing is a way of working that focuses on being adaptive, using data and iterating to grow your results. It is a specific approach to marketing that allows marketers to harness the power of digital. More and more marketing executives are planning to introduce agile ways of working into their teams. It has the power to unlock growth and increase efficiency and effectiveness in digital.

Everyone, from beginner to advanced, will find practical and actionable ways to get results.

  • What agile marketing is and the benefits
  • The steps to using agile
  • How to test ideas and minimum viable products
  • Agile specific approaches and systems
  • How to measure the success of your agile efforts
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Watch A Sample Agile Marketing Lesson:

Real-world Examples and Step-by-Step Instruction

Discover specifically how agile marketing works in an organization of any size. Uncover real examples of how agile is driving business results and being used by businesses. Plus, get the exact steps to using agile marketing and how to apply them to your marketing and business challenge.

Agile Marketing Course Outline

With 33 videos, get the exact information you need when you need it.

  • Agile Marketing Introduction 1:39
  • What is Agile Marketing? 6:19
  • Agile Working 2:15
  • Why Marketers are Going Agile 5:31
  • What is Driving the Agile Transformation? 4:03
  • Marketing Benefits of Agile 10:23
  • Organization Benefits of Agile 4:05
  • Agile Example – Marketing Idea 3:36
  • Agile Example- E-commerce Test 6:21
  • Why Don’t Organizations Use Agile Marketing? 4:46
  • What Do You Need to Succeed in Agile Marketing? 2:46
  • How Do you Work in Agile? 4:07
  • Values of an Agile Team 8:07
  • Key Agile Terms 3:23
  •  Steps to Agile Implementation 2:43
  • Choose a Project 2:15
  • Determine the Team 3:17
  • Articulate the User Story 6:33
  • Acceptance Criteria 1:45
  • Organizational Support Needed 3:10
  • Set the Team Objectives 6:18
  • Lean Startup Methodology 4:50
  •  MVP 6:07
  • How Can You Test? 4:26
  • Steps in Testing with Lean Startup Method 2:52
  • Breakdown into Phases 5:20
  • Create the PLAN 1:35
  • Sprint 3:21
  • Standup 2:41
  • Tracking 2:48
  • Debrief 3:33
  • Choosing Your Agile Implementation 3:12
  • How Agile Drives Greater Success 4:15

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