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What You’ll Learn:

In this Digital Marketing 101 Course, learn the importance of having a clear digital strategy in place. Know the key aspects of email marketing, building a website, integrating SEO into your overall digital strategy, digital advertising, measurement and analytics. Get exactly what you need to know to make smart key decisions for your business.

This is an introductory digital marketing course designed for entry-level learners. 

  • Steps to building a digital marketing plan
  • Trends in digital advertising
  • Email software options to fit your business needs
  • How to use Google Analytics to evaluate success
  • Advanced tips and tricks to grow results
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Watch A Sample Digital Marketing 101 Lesson:

Resources To Turn Learning Into Action

We're invested in your success. This Digital Marketing 101 course includes an extensive set of downloads to implement what you learn.

  • Digital Marketing Foundations Action Planner
  • Listening Guide Strategy – Evaluate Your Consumers, Competitors and Industry
  • Digital Strategy Template – Strategic Plan – GSOT
  • Digital Ad Channels Cheat Sheet – Understand Which Ad Channels Work Best for Your Marketing Objectives
  • Paid Digital Quick-Start Guide
  • Digital Marketing Measurement Quick-Start Guide
  • Benchmarking Quick-Start Guide – Determine What “Good” Results Look Like
  • KPI Quick-Start Guide – Know What Makes a Good KPI and How to Set Them
  • ROI Quick-Start Guide – Measure and Improve Your ROI to Grow Your Impact Online
  • Email Marketing Quick-Start Guide
  • Email Marketing Checklist
  • Email Marketing Tips & Tricks
  • Planning Your Website Strategically Quick-Start Guide
  • Planning Your Website Content Strategically Quick-Start Guide
  • Website SEO Quick-Start Guide
  • SEO Quick-Start Guide
  • SEO Tools Tips & Tricks – Top Digital Tools to Manage Your SEO Plan Effectively
  • SEO Keyword Research Quick-Start Guide – Identify the Best Keyword Targets
  • Google My Business Quick-Start Guide
  • Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager Quick-Start Guide
  • Setting up Google Analytics Quick-Start Guide
  • Social Media Strategy Quick-Start Guide
  • Social Media Strategy Checklist
  • Social Media Priorities Quick-Start Guide – Plus Steps to Getting Started

Digital Marketing 101 Course Outline

With over 60 videos, get the exact information you need when you need it.

  • Introduction 2:10
  • What is a Digital Strategy? 5:34
  • Why Do You Need a Digital Strategy? 3:07
  • The Steps to Build a Digital Marketing Plan 2:39
  • The Importance of Digital Strategy Case Study: Hospital 8:23
  • The Importance of Digital Strategy Case Study: Krista Neher 5:38
  • Biggest Digital Challenges 1:49
  • How a Clear Plan Helps 7:43
  • The Benefits of a Clear Plan 2:36
  • Introduction to Digital Measurement 2:09
  • The Challenges of Digital Measurement 13:14
  • The Goal of Digital Marketing Measurement 4:05
  • Good Measurement Starts with Strategy 9:00
  • Why Email Marketing is Important 8:35
  • Email Marketing Trends 4:51
  • Effective Email Marketing is 3 Things 6:03
  • Email Strategy 10:46
  • Building an Email Plan 3:39
  • Email Software Options 9:18
  • CAN-SPAM Act 2:47
  • Introduction: The Importance of Websites 4:24
  • Why Websites are Important 2:28
  • Is Facebook a Substitute for a Webpage? 3:16
  • Determine Your Website’s Purpose 11:06
  • What Makes a Great Website? 12:37
  • The Website Design Process 12:31
  • How Much Should a Website Cost? 7:56
  • What Content Should be on My Website? 5:52
  • Website Platforms 5:06 Mobile Websites 5:27
  • What is SEO? 1:31
  • SEO as Part of an Integrated Strategy 2:11
  • The History and Future of SEO 3:12
  • Why SEO is Important 6:08
  • How Search Engines Work 3:53
  • The “ART” of SEO 2:52
  • Course Introduction 1:45
  • Why Analytics? 2:08
  • Why Google Analytics? 2:14
  • What Can Google Analytics Answer? 1:37
  • How to Evaluate Success 2:20
  • Analytics Reporting 2:43
  • Introduction 1:49
  • Trends in Digital Advertising 8:13
  • The Benefits of Digital Advertising 11:32
  • The Challenges of Digital Advertising 7:45
  • How to Grow Media Impact 4:47
  • Ad Channel Overview 10:33
  • Ad Formats 3:08
  • Steps to Building an Ad Plan 4:36
  • What Do You Want? 6:35
  • Who Do You Want 5:34
  • Overview of Facebook Ads 8:52
  • Overview of Search Ads 3:29
  • Overview of Display Ads 5:26
  • Overview of Video Ad 2:04
  • Social Media Strategy Introduction 11:33
  • Why Should I Participate in Social Media? 11:44
  • Why Businesses Use Social Media 5:50
  • How Different Businesses Use Social Media 10:36
  • Social Media Trends 18:47
  • The Importance of a Social Media Strategy 16:51
  • Building a Social Media Strategy 5:50

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