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  • Industry-recognized and Accredited
  • 20+ hours of training with over 200 videos
  • Access to courses and updates for 1 year
  • Downloadable templates, checklists, and tips
  • 1:1 Office hours with an instructor
  • Monthly Q&A call and updates
  • Private Facebook group membership
  • New content posted weekly
  • Bonus: Digital Marketing Tools training ($97)
  • Bonus: High-Impact Trainings ($97)
  • Bonus: Over $1400 in partner tool discounts
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SEO Master Certification At Your Pace

20+ Hours Of Expert-led
Video Training

Step-by-step  beginner to advanced content with live examples, case studies, tips, and downloads to accelerate your results.

1-2-3-4 Steps
To Certification

Get training, pass the exam, submit your planner, and display your credentials! In as short as a weekend or take up to a year.

1:1 Office Hours
With An Instructor

Get answers and advice 1:1 from an experienced instructor. It’s like having a consultant on-demand to support you.

Watch A Sample SEO Certification Lesson:

SEO Certification at Your Pace

  • Get better results faster from your SEO efforts
  • Showcase your knowledge and expertise
  • Expand your career opportunities
  • Learn everything from strategy to execution
  • Discover exactly how to implement with downloads and templates
  • Share your credentials online and grow your credibility

Microsoft lists SEO as the most important skill for marketers to have. SEO connects the dots between all aspects of a digital marketing strategy. Businesses of all industries are using SEO to grow their business and connect with customers. Why? Most businesses get about 60-80% of their traffic from organic search, and it’s usually the top three results in search that get the click. Without SEO you could be missing out on reaching a huge segment of your target audience.

10+ Years of Rave Reviews

What’s Included In Your SEO
Master Certification Training

Your Search Engine Optimization certification training includes FULL ACCESS for ONE YEAR to these four master classes
(including updates):

SEO Training

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Google Analytics

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Copywriting for Search

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Taught by leading digital marketing experts, join Boot Camp Digital CEO, Krista Neher, and digital marketing pioneer, Allison Chaney as they detail proven strategies with a combined 25+ years experience in social media and digital marketing.

Boot Camp Digital is an industry-recognized leader (15+ years) in digital marketing training. This certification program is accredited and recognized by OMCP and CPD – global leaders in certification. Upon the completion of your training, you will receive your certificate and a professional endorsement for your LinkedIn profile.

Our practical digital marketing certification gives you beginner to advanced training including strategies, tactics and pro-tips.

  • Content organized in 4 levels: Essentials, Strategy, Management and Mastery to cover all knowledge and experience levels.
  • Engaging videos packed with real examples and demos.
  • Short video trainings (3 – 15 minutes) gets you exactly what you need when you need it.
  • Easy to navigate and skip to the most relevant content for you.
  • Over 40 hours of Master Classes, packed full of insightful information to make sure you get the most out of your social media strategy.
  • Bonus content and FAQs to keep you ahead of the curve.
  • Cross-platform (Mac and PC) and can be viewed on your laptop, tablet, or phone.

We are committed to your success so we provide templates, resources, downloads, checklists and tip sheets to make implementation easy and actionable.

Your registration includes 1:1 office hours with a highly-qualified trainer. This is like having your own personal coach or consultant (worth thousands of dollars) included in your registration.

Get the latest digital marketing news updates, case studies, high-impact advanced trainings, bonus materials and more delivered to your inbox each week. You’ll also get access to our private Facebook group to connect and ask questions.

Take your SEO expertise to the next level with our industry-recognized Search Engine Optimization Master Certification!

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Get this plus access to ALL our training courses and certification programs.

All Access Pass (5-Day Free Trial)

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SEO Certification Outline

Over 20 hours of Master Classes, packed with information to maximize your impact from SEO.

Optimize your website for search engines.

  • What is SEO? 1:31
  • SEO as Part of an Integrated Strategy 2:11
  • The History and Future of SEO 3:12
  • Why SEO is Important 6:08
  • How Search Engines Work 3:53
  • The “ART” of SEO 2:52
  • Building a Strategic SEO Plan 3:27
  • Industry & Audience Research 16:04
  • Competitor Research 8:15
  • Keyword Research 16:10
  • SEO Strategy 3:02
  • Technical Strategy 9:37
  • Full-Funnel SEO 11:31
  • Unique Selling Proposition 2:22
  • Links 4:04
  • Analytics 4:47
  • Market Research & Analysis 10:53
  • Market Research: Influencers 7:25
  • Competitor Research 11:32
  • Steps to Keyword Research – 1 Create Seed List 5:41
  • Steps to Keyword Research – 2 Research 8:11
  • Steps to Keyword Research – 3 Refine 2:49
  • Steps to Keyword Research – 4 Identify Keyword Targets 9:06
  • Keyword Matrix 15:49
  • Strategy: Align KPIs to Goals 9:10
  • Authority Audit: Links 8:08
  • Backlink Analysis on Competitors 2:38
  • Good vs. Bad Links 7:45
  • Linkable Assets 2:22
  • Link Outreach 3:38
  • Relevance Audit: Content 23:31
  • Technical Audit: Setup 11:30
  • Technical Audit: Server 11:20
  • Technical Audit: Site Wide 14:39
  • Technical Audit: On-Page 11:23
  • Technical Audit: Images 4:48
  • Technical Audit: Mobile 1:58
  • Technical Audit: Architecture & Linking 6:41
  • Timeline For Effective SEO Planning 8:34
  • Link Disavow 8:41
  • Identify Link Opportunities 19:41
  • Mobile SEO and AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) 3:34
  • Dominate the SERPs 15:22
  • How Do I Get My Local Business More Visibility in Google? 4:56
  • How Do I Get More Positive Reviews? 3:30
  • Should I Have Keywords In My Domain Name? 2:20
  • Does Social Media Help SEO? 2:14
  • Should My Site Be Secure? 1:51

Learn how to create a strategically planned website.

  • Introduction: The Importance of Websites 4:24
  • Why Websites are Important 2:28
  • Is Facebook a Substitute for a Webpage? 3:16
  • Determine Your Website’s Purpose 11:06
  • What Makes a Great Website? 12:37
  • The Website Design Process 12:31
  • How Much Should a Website Cost? 7:56
  • What Content Should be on My Website? 5:52
  • Website Platforms 5:06
  • Mobile Websites 5:27
  • Planning Your Website Strategically 32:38
  • Planning: Information Architecture 12:01
  • Planning: Content Strategy 8:46
  • Design: User Experience 13:59
  • Social Media and Websites 13:14
  • Development: Mobile 5:19
  • Why Mobile is Important 3:36
  • Development: Website Speed 11:46
  • Website Analytics 19:42
  • Website Evaluation and A/B Testing 10:53
  • The Four Components of Information Architecture 8:54
  • Create Compelling Visuals 15:47
  • Including Contact Information in Your Design 16:08
  • Home Page Design 4:21
  • Using Site Search 14:53
  • Best Practices for Your Logo on Your Website 6:18
  • Design With User Intent in Mind 11:18
  • Design: Using Image Alt Tags and Title Tags 10:37
  • Best Practices for Forms 16:52
  • Website Navigation Best Practices 6:17
  • Five Tips for Good Website Navigation 13:41
  • Choosing the Right Mobile Approach 4:20
  • Mobile Friendly Design Key Elements 5:32
  • Evaluating Mobile Friendly Design 4:06
  • Common Website Design Practices 4:26
  • Implementing Schema Markup 7:22
  • Website SEO Best Practices 4:24
  • Why You Need Keywords on Your Website 2:33
  • Three Steps You Can’t Afford to Miss When Redesigning Your Website 16:30
  • How to Add a Custom Google Map to Your Site 11:22
  • Get Your Site Visitors to Write Reviews 11:32
  • How to Fix a Slow Website 13:37
  • Website Analytics Setup: When to Use Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager 6:10
  • Five WordPress Plugins for SEO and Efficiency 22:38
  • Website URL Structure: Creating Clean URLs 11:28
  • Creating Custom 404 Error Pages 7:38
  • Website Translations 3:38
  • Avoid These Big Website Mistakes 5:44
  • Website Usability Testing 22:45
  • When Should I Use Noindex? 1:51
  • Should My Website be ADA Compliant? 10:55
  • Should I Redesign My Site in WordPress? 10:15
  • Should My Site be Secure? 1:51
  • What is a Microsite? 17:34
  • What is Source Code? 3:05

Learn Google Analytics to make smarter decisions for your business.

  • Course Introduction 1:45
  • Why Analytics? 2:08
  • Why Google Analytics? 2:14
  • What Can Google Analytics Answer? 1:37
  • How to Evaluate Success 2:20
  • Analytics Reporting 2:43
  • Setup: The Basics 14:43
  • Setup: View Settings 3:42
  • Setup: Filters 15:36
  • Setup: Goals 18:12
  • Setup: Google Ads (AdWords) 1:39
  • Dashboard 11:18
  • Dashboard Customization 7:08
  • Data Introduction – Key Metrics 7:51
  • Understanding Audience Metrics 9:25
  • Understanding Acquisition Metrics 7:06
  • Understanding Behavior Metrics 19:49
  • Understanding Conversion Metrics 7:58
  • Conversion Tracking Implementation 7:55
  • Conversion Tracking Power Tip For Large Lists 4:08
  • Gaining Insights From Conversion Tracking Data 4:46
  • Measuring Google Ads (AdWords) Campaigns 4:59
  • Good Measurement Starts with Strategy 9:00
  • What is a KPI? 3:10
  • What is the Difference Between a Measure and a KPI? 3:46
  • Working with KPIs: Examples of How to Use KPIs 6:38
  • KPI Watchouts 2:15
  • How to Set KPIs 2:58
  • What Makes a Good KPI 3:36
  • The Three Types of KPIs Needed 5:43
  • Site Search Tracking 13:55
  • Get Rid of Annoying Spam Data with Custom Filters 2:51
  • Event Tracking 7:30
  • Segmenting Data 8:09
  • Using the Channels Report for Analysis 5:07
  • Using Report Advanced Features 21:03
  • Using Primary and Secondary Dimensions within Reports 18:24
  • Using Multi-Channel Attribution Data 16:54
  • Adding Goals to Your AdWords Conversions 2:28
  • Website Analytics Setup: When to Use Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager 6:10
  • Using Behavior Flow to Evaluate UX 5:04
  • Top Ten Questions Google Analytics Can Answer 10:43
  • Do I Need a Privacy Policy On My Account? 1:52
  • How Would I Know If the Tracking Stops Working on My Site? 2:50
  • What Does the Green Check Mark in Google Analytics Reports Mean? 1:37
  • What is a Good Bounce Rate? 3:16
  • What Else Could “direct/none” Mean in Sources if Not All of it is Really Direct Traffic to My Site? 4:17
  • If I Change to a Secure (https) Site Should My Google Analytics Settings Change? 1:32

Learn to optimize your writing for search engines.

  • Copywriting For Search Introduction 1:37
  • Evolution of Search 3:33
  • What is SEO Copywriting 3:28
  • Myths About Copywriting for SEO 6:01
  • Why Writing For Search is Different Than Traditional Copywriting 3:28
  • Why SEO Copywriting is Important 2:33
  • How Copywriting for Search Works 3:11
  • Content Strategy 1:30
  • What is Great Content? 2:47
  • Great Content vs Bad Content 7:08
  • Choosing the Right Keywords 3:26
  • How Often Should I Update My Copy? 3:51
  • Is Your Content Driving Results 3:18
  • Keywords: Create Seed List 5:41
  • Keywords: Research 8:11
  • Keywords: Refine 2:49
  • Keywords: Identify Keyword Targets 9:06
  • Keywords for Every Stage of the Funnel 4:49
  • The Writing Process 2:28
  • Structuring Your Content 5:27
  • Tips for Writing 3:18
  • SEO Copywriting Best Practices 8:07
  • How Many Words? 2:02
  • Measuring Results 5:41
  • Meta Tags Demystified 8:14
  • On Page SEO Tips 3:17
  • Content Creation Tools 4:51

Inspiration and practical ideas for digital marketing.

  • The Art of Productivity
  • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) – Are They Right For You?
  • Digital Marketing in 2019 – What ACTUALLY Works
  • 7 Biggest Mistakes in Digital Marketing and How to Avoid Them
  • 63 Ways to Improve Your Content
  • Social Media Efficiency and Effectiveness Webinar

Our trainers show you some of the best digital marketing tools that we recommend, why we recommend them, the pros and cons and how to use them.

  • Social Media Automation with ITFFF
  • Social Media Scheduling with BufferApp
  • Twitter Automation: Buffer
  • Twitter Automation: ManageFlitter
  • Add Custom Social Media Feeds to Your Website with
  • Landscape by SproutSocial
  • Creating Videos with Adobe Spark
  • Creating Images with Adobe Spark
  • Creating Infographics with Piktochart
  • Creating Beautiful Images with Canva
  • Creating Videos with Animoto
  • Color Picker Tools
  • Add Motion Effects to Your Images with Pixaloop
  • Organize and Manage Your SEO with Screaming Frog
  • Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis with SEMrush
  • Google Trends
  • Run an SEO Audit On Your Site with WooRank
  • Understand Trending Content with BuzzSumo
  • Portent Content Idea Generator
  • Get Headline Inspiration (Maybe?) with Linkbait Generator
  • Focus Your Keyword Research with Answer the Public
  • Check Name Availability with NameVine
  • Driving Engagement with
  • Tools for Competitive Ad Analysis
  • Match Your Business Needs to the Right Software with G2Crowd

We’ve partnered with our favorite digital tools to bring you exclusive discounts.

A total savings of over $1400!


Action Planners, Strategy Guides + More

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Certification drives results with downloadable Action Planners, Quick-Starts, Templates and Checklists.

BONUSES to drive your Success

Get the knowledge, support and resources you need for success with these BONUSES.

1:1 Mentoring

1:1 Office Hours to answer questions – it’s like having your own coach and consultant.

Private Facebook Group

Private Facebook group to stay up-to-date plus connect with experts and other digital marketers.

Weekly New Content

Get the latest digital marketing news updates, case studies, mastery training and more.

Digital Marketing Insiders
Weekly LiveCast Webinar

Never miss a thing and expand your knowledge with news updates, Q&A calls, mastery training, and expert interviews included in your training.

Your program includes FREE enrollment into our popular Digital Marketing Insiders community.

  • Digital News Updates –  Our live video curated digital news updates bring you the most important news. Never miss a thing.
  • Live Q&A – It’s like having a consultant in your back pocket. Ask anything and get expert advice for your challenges.
  • Expert Interviews & Case Studies – Deep dive into the greatest triumphs and new approaches in digital marketing. Learn from the pros.
  • New Mastery Training – Continue to grow your knowledge with high-impact speed mastery training sessions.

Digital Marketing Tool Reviews ($97)

Watch practical demos of the best tools to see exactly how they work and if they’re right for you.

Exclusive Tool Discounts (Up to $1400)

Save on hand-selected efficiency and design tools with discounts unavailable to the general public.

High-Impact BONUS Training ($97)

Get big results with fast-paced and inspirational training packed with practical pro tips!

When you enroll in any of our Certification Programs, you will receive exclusive discount offerings on these digital tools,
a total savings of over $1400!

How Do I Get Certified In
Search Engine Optimization?

Get certified at your own pace - in as short as a weekend or take up to a year. Earning your certification is easy.


Complete SEO Training Courses

From beginner to advanced get the content you need.


Pass (over 70%) Final Assessment

Pass a 40-question test covering digital marketing knowledge.


Submit Your SEO Action Planner

Demonstrate application by submitting your action plan.


Display Your SEO Certification

Share on your website, resume, LinkedIn and more.

All Access Pass Monthly Subscription

Enroll in the SEO Certification program for $997 or unlock our entire training library with the All Access Pass.


Get access to ALL our online training courses and certification programs for $97/month.

  • Access to ALL courses and certification programs
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  • Cancel any time, no questions asked
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Industry-recognized and accredited certification
  • 20+ hours of training with over 200 videos
  • Access to courses and updates for 1 year
  • Downloadable templates, checklists and tips
  • 1:1 Office hours with an instructor
  • Monthly Q&A call and updates
  • Private Facebook group membership
  • New content posted weekly
  • Bonus: Digital Marketing Tools training ($97)
  • Bonus: High-Impact Trainings ($97)
  • Bonus: Over $1400 in partner tool discounts

You obtain your online SEO Master Certification by reviewing courses, completing a 40-question comprehensive test  (scoring 70% or better) and submitting a SEO Action Planner for yourself or your business. Once completed, you will receive a digital certificate, a certified badge to display on your website/social media accounts, PLUS a certification on your LinkedIn account!

The program consists of 23 hours of online training. You can start and finish whenever is most convenient for you. Work through the courses quickly or take up to a year to submit your final project, pass the exam, and complete the certification.

You have unlimited access to the program- and 1 year to finish the certification portion of the course.

Yes. You can schedule a 1:1 call with one of our experts during Office Hours to get answers to your questions.

Earning a certification proves that you care about investing in training that solidifies your foundational knowledge and that you can commit to and complete a program. It’s an immediate credibility booster.

The All Access Pass is a monthly subscription to our entire online learning library, which includes courses, quizzes, downloadable resources, and bonus material. You also get membership into our Digital Marketing Insiders program which is a private Facebook group

The All Access Pass is a monthly subscription to the entire online library, including certification programs, and with it you get access to our Digital Marketing Insiders group where you can get updates and ask questions. As long as your subscription is active, you have access, and you can cancel any time.

A Certification program is 12 months of access to a certain set of courses. Upon successfully passing a final exam and submitting a project, you earn certification. 

No matter how quickly you finish the program, you still have access for one year, including the 1:1 Office Hour appointments to ask questions or get advice.

The Boot Camp Digital Certification offers expert training and weekly access to marketing specialists. Every Wednesday you’ll have the chance to join our office hours sessions to have your social media marketing questions answered by the experts.

Because SEO is constantly changing we never stop updating the course material- you can always expect up-to-date, effective information.

OMCP (Online Marketing Certified Professional) is a designation that certifies a combination of knowledge, skills, and experience. Our Online Social Media Marketing and SEO Master Certifications are approved by OMCP as Registered Education Provider. Our Certification training prepares you to pass the OMCP exam.

The requirements for earning an OMCP or OMCA Certification are described here and here.

CPD (Continuing Professional Development) is a global certification organization committed to enhancing personal skills and proficiency through an individual’s career. All of our certification training prepares you for the CPD exam.

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