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What You’ll Learn:

As one of the more established social media marketing tools, Twitter has a strong history of providing measurable results for businesses. Our Twitter Marketing Course will teach you exactly how to use Twitter for marketing your business.

Everyone, from beginner to advanced users, will find practical and actionable ways to get results from this Twitter Marketing Course.

  • Understand how to strategically use Twitter to grow and engage followers
  • Learn step-by-step how to set up a Twitter business strategy to get results
  • Get in-depth details on using Twitter to develop and achieve your objectives
  • Take your Twitter marketing to the next level with advanced optimization tips
  • Learn effective Twitter ad set-up and execution
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Watch A Sample Twitter Marketing Lesson:

Resources To Turn Learning Into Action

We're invested in your success. This Twitter Marketing course includes an extensive set of downloads to implement what you learn.

  • Twitter Personal Profile Quick-Start Guide
  • Twitter Company Page Quick-Start Guide
  • Social Media Priorities Quick-Start Guide – Plus Steps to Getting Started
  • Twitter Business Account Checklist
  • Twitter Tips & Tricks
  • Adding Captions to Your Videos Cheat Sheet
  • Social Media Content Ideas Cheat Sheet

Twitter Marketing Course Outline

With over 60 videos, get the exact information you need when you need it.

  • Intro 1:57
  • Twitter as a Business Tool 1:04
  • What is Twitter 3:11
  • Why Do People Use Twitter 6:46
  • Why Do Businesses Use Twitter 5:31
  • Twitter Overview 5:34
  • Features & Functions 10:25
  • Business Features & Functions 2:52
  • Connecting & Engaging 3:32
  • Twitter Business Strategy – Pros and Cons 3:41
  • Using Twitter In Your Business Strategy 12:10
  • Business Strategy Overview 3:29
  • Business Strategy: Listen 8:02
  • Business Strategy: Creating Your Plan 3:28
  • Business Strategy: Setting Your Content Strategy 3:32
  • Business Strategy: Implementation 3:53
  • How Often Should I Post 2:26
  • Content Best Practices 8:25
  • Business Strategy: Case Studies 14:25
  • Twitter Analytics Overview 4:39
  • 6 Steps to Successfully Managing Your Twitter Account 3:24
  • Setting Up Your Profile 11:34
  • Managing Your Account Settings 9:17
  • Getting to Know Twitter – Basic Functionality & Features 5:49
  • Getting to Know Twitter – Timeline 4:24
  • Getting to Know Twitter – Elements of a Tweet 2:30
  • Getting to Know Twitter – Anatomy of a Tweet 4:10
  • Getting to Know Twitter – The Home Screen 4:08
  • Getting to Know Twitter – Moments 4:31
  • Getting to Know Twitter – Lists 6:43
  • Introduction to Hashtags 4:51
  • How Many Hashtags Should I Use 3:15
  • What Hashtags Should I Use 3:51
  • How Often Do I Need To Tweet 3:13
  • The Importance of Good Content 3:15
  • Promoting Tweets 3:52
  • Do I Need A Lot of Followers 4:28
  • How Do I Grow My Followers 7:28
  • Increasing Your Visibility 5:45
  • Interacting and Engaging 5:00
  • Monitoring and Responding 3:10
  • The Ecosystem Approach for Engagement on Twitter 6:08
  • Mining Twitter for Relevant Contacts and Content 9:05
  • Twitter Advanced Search 4:24
  • Twitter Advanced: Growing Your Following 9:49
  • Twitter Ads: Introduction 3:53
  • Twitter Ads: Overview 6:20
  • Twitter Ads: Campaign, Ad Group, and Creative Structure 6:25
  • Twitter Ads Step 1: Choosing Your Campaign Objectives 7:57
  • Twitter Ads Step 2: Set Up Your Campaign 10:22
  • Using Twitter Analytics to Drive Content 13:33
  • Managing Twitter Workflow 5:45
  • Twitter Automation: Introduction 7:08
  • Twitter Automation: HootSuite 7:18
  • Twitter Automation: Buffer 3:36
  • Twitter Automation: ManageFlitter 3:31
  • FAQ – Should I Have Multiple Twitter Accounts? 4:34
  • Should I Do Facebook or Twitter Ads? 3:02
  • Should I Identify Who Is Responding To Tweets? 2:47
  • What Is The Difference Betwn A DM & A Reply? 1:38
  • What Is The Difference Betwn A Mention & A Reply? 1:26
  • What Are Trends? 1:55
  • Why Some Images Display Differently Than Others? 2:36

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