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What You’ll Learn:

Your website is your first impression and you only have a few seconds to capture attention. Your website is also the hub of your online activity. In this websites course, you’ll learn the benefits of a website for your business and the importance of a strategically planned website. We will also explore the concepts of information architecture, usability and user experience, and how to design your website for a positive user experience that helps your visitors easily find information and quickly complete the desired actions on your site.

Everyone, from beginner to advanced users, will find practical and actionable ways to get results.

  • Learn the essentials to building a successful website that converts
  • Learn how to build your information architecture
  • Develop an effective content strategy and design for the best user experience
  • Focus on visual design, including best practices for desktop and mobile
  • Learn how to add custom site features to boost engagement and results
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Resources To Turn Learning Into Action

We're invested in your success. This Websites course includes an extensive set of downloads to implement what you learn.

  • Planning Your Website Strategically Quick-Start Guide
  • Planning Your Website Content Strategically Quick-Start Guide
  • Website Speed Quick-Start Guide – What Impacts Site Speed and How to Improve It.
  • SEO Keyword Research Quick-Start Guide – Identify the Best Keyword Targets
  • Conversion Rate Optimization Quick-Start Guide
  • Copywriting for Search Quick-Start Guide – Steps to Building a Great Keyword List and Writing Copy That Ranks
  • Website SEO Quick-Start Guide
  • SEO Advanced Quick-Start Guide – Checklist to Build the ART of SEO and How to Measure Success
  • Blogging Quick-Start Guide
  • What Makes a Great Website Checklist – Ten Things Every Website Must Have Plus On-page SEO Best Practices
  • What Content Should Be On My Website Checklist
  • Website Content Checklist
  • Website User Experience Checklist – Seven Elements of Positive UX
  • Website Evaluation Checklist
  • Website Contact Information and Forms Checklist
  • Blogging Checklist
  • Digital Measurement and KPI Cheat Sheet

Websites Course Outline

With over 50 videos, get the exact information you need when you need it.

  • Introduction: The Importance of Websites 4:24
  • Why Websites are Important 2:28
  • Is Facebook a Substitute for a Webpage? 3:16
  • Determine Your Website’s Purpose 11:06
  • What Makes a Great Website? 12:37
  • The Website Design Process 12:31
  • How Much Should a Website Cost? 7:56
  • What Content Should be on My Website? 5:52
  • Website Platforms 5:06
  • Mobile Websites 5:27
  • Planning Your Website Strategically 32:38
  • Planning: Information Architecture 12:01
  • Planning: Content Strategy 8:46
  • Design: User Experience 13:59
  • Social Media and Websites 13:14
  • Development: Mobile 5:19
  • Why Mobile is Important 3:36
  • Development: Website Speed 11:46
  • Website Analytics 19:42
  • Website Evaluation and A/B Testing 10:53
  • The Four Components of Information Architecture 8:54
  • Create Compelling Visuals 15:47
  • Including Contact Information in Your Design 16:08
  • Home Page Design 4:21
  • Using Site Search 14:53
  • Best Practices for Your Logo on Your Website 6:18
  • Design With User Intent in Mind 11:18
  • Design: Using Image Alt Tags and Title Tags 10:37
  • Best Practices for Forms 16:52
  • Website Navigation Best Practices 6:17
  • Five Tips for Good Website Navigation 13:41
  • Choosing the Right Mobile Approach 4:20
  • Mobile-Friendly Design Key Elements 5:32
  • Evaluating Mobile Friendly Design 4:06
  • Common Website Design Practices 4:26
  • Implementing Schema Markup 7:22
  • Website SEO Best Practices 4:24
  • Why You Need Keywords on Your Website 2:33
  • Three Steps You Can’t Afford to Miss When Redesigning Your Website 16:30
  • How to Add a Custom Google Map to Your Site 11:22
  • Get Your Site Visitors to Write Reviews 11:32
  • How to Fix a Slow Website 13:37
  • Website Analytics Setup: When to Use Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager 6:10
  • Five WordPress Plugins for SEO and Efficiency 22:38
  • Website URL Structure: Creating Clean URLs 11:28
  • Creating Custom 404 Error Pages 7:38
  • Website Translations 3:38
  • Avoid These Big Website Mistakes 5:44
  • Website Usability Testing 22:45
  • When Should I Use Noindex? 1:51
  • Should My Website be ADA Compliant? 10:55
  • Should I Redesign My Site in WordPress? 10:15
  • Should My Site be Secure? 1:51
  • What is a Microsite? 17:34
  • What is Source Code? 3:05

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