Stats and Infographic: AI in the Workplace

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Infographic and stats: AI in the workplace

Krista Neher

Jun 27 2024

Most employees are already using AI – their adoption far outpaces leadership planning and organization adoption.

According to Microsoft AI at Work Report, businesses and employees are diving in. They are using AI, bringing their own tools, and not disclosing their use of AI. All of this creates risk for organizations.

Business leaders don’t have a plan or a strategy for AI. They aren’t providing training. At the same time, they know AI is important for the future of their organization.

AI in the workplace infographic and stats.

How and why are employees using AI?

  • 75% of global knowledge workers are using AI
  • 90% say it helps them save time
  • 85% say it helps them focus on their most important work
  • 84% say it helps them be more creative
  • 83% say they enjoy their work more because of AI

So where are business leaders at?

  • 79% say their company must adopt AI to stay competitive
  • 59% worry about how to quantify productivity savings
  • 60% worry that their leadership lacks a plan for AI
  • 47% say ensuring ethical use of AI will be a core part of their job
  • 55% of leaders are worried about finding the right talent to fill roles

Are employees supported by their employer with AI?

  • 78% of AI users are using their own tools.
  • 52% are reluctant to admit to using AI
  • 53% worry that using AI makes them replacable
  • 66% of leaders say they won’t hire someone without AI skills
  • 39% of people using AI have received training at work

Key Implications of AI Adoption for Employers:

So what are the key implications for employers?

  1. Your employees are using AI – whether you like it or not.
  2. Employees do better work faster when they use AI.
  3. Employee job satisfaction is better with AI.
  4. Most organizations lack a deployment plan, creating security, privacy, and ethical risks.
  5. Leaders are lagging – they know they need a plan but aren’t moving fast enough.

What Can Business Leaders Do?

Business leaders need to act quickly to harness the advantages of AI and support their organizations.

  1. Create a strategic plan for your team to use AI.
  2. Train employees on ethical, responsible, and secure use of AI.
  3. Train employees on the effective use of AI.
  4. Embrace and encourage AI throughout the organization.
  5. Become an AI user and unlock the potential for yourself.


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