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How Your Business Can Grow Your Community Management

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How Your Business Can Grow Your Community Management

Krista Neher

Sep 12 2023

How Your Business Can Grow Community Management?

The idea of community management is that by engaging in conversations and participating in discussions, you will build relationships with people, and they will have more affinity toward your product or business. This is why businesses aim to grow their community management.

Businesses typically engage in this to grow brand affinity (people like your business more) or grow advocacy (getting people talking about your business).

What are the goals of community management?

Additionally, community management can take place in several places – on your website, on social networks, on YouTube, on discussion forums, and even in comments sections of articles or news sites. This happens wherever people talk about you or your industry.

Most community managers have set objectives, including:

  • Managing complaints and compliments
  • Turning customers into loyal fans
  • Driving brand advocacy
  • Developing relationships with influencers
  • Building relationships with potential partners
  • Networking with other brands or associations
  • Generating product feedback
  • Providing helpful information
  • Responding to positive and negative reviews or comments
  • Becoming an industry-recognized expert


Community management is a longer-term strategy to build a brand or business that is invested in relationships with people.

If you are looking to drive quick or immediate transactions or want to build more awareness with many people, this is probably isn’t your best choice.

Remember, it is about building, encouraging, and participating in discussions online related to your business, product, or industry. It is about relationships. With a strong system, a brand seizes the opportunity to interact with people online in public spaces and has the potential to grow.

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