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July 2024 Digital Updates – Facebook AI Chatbots, New LinkedIn Premium Pages, the Threads API is Here!

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Krista Neher

Jul 09 2024

Members of our All Access Pass get the first look at the latest digital marketing news updates each month. We cover what matters to marketers during a live, interactive session and answer questions. We spend hours combing industry news sites looking for the most critical updates, so you don’t have to! July 2024 has major updates from Meta, Instagram, Google, and LinkedIn.

Facebook and Meta News Updates

  • Pages with 10K+ can use Broadcast Channels – This gives you a direct line to your followers’ DMs. You can send “broadcast messages” via messenger. This has the potential to annoy your audience, so use it sparingly if you have access.
  • AI Chatbots in Messaging – Managing Messenger is a hassle for many business owners. Meta is now introducing AI, which will be a huge step up from the chatbots of a few years ago. If you get many messages for your Page, this is definitely worth exploring.
  • Meta Updates Horizon Worlds – If you thought the Metaverse was dead, think again! Meta is re-investing in It, showing that it continues to believe in the platform’s future.
  • Meta Tests Creative Variants for Reels – This could be a great way to optimize creative on-the-go. Users reported seeing the option to A/B test Reels content. This could be a great way to accelerate creative performance in Reels.

Instagram News Updates

Threads News Updates

  • Threads API is here – This means Threads can be added to your social media schedulers! You should be able to post, reply and view content on third-party tools, as well as track your performance. This is a big win for social media managers wanting to do more on the platform.

LinkedIn News Updates

  • New Premium Pages – These are paid accounts that will give Pages access to more features, for example, custom call-to-action buttons and testimonial highlights. It isn’t yet clear how much this feature costs and not all Pages have access yet.

TikTok News Updates

YouTube News Update

  • YouTube Rolls Out Thumbnail Tests – You can now test and optimize thumbnails for your videos! Thumbnails are key to driving views, so this is a great opportunity to increase clicks in search and video views.

Google News Update

Digital Industry News Update

  • Reddit Traffic up 39% – Reddit is growing like crazy – some attribute this to prominent ranking in Google searches. Either way, this could make Reddit a strong opportunity for your business.

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