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Why Train Your Marketers? Retention and Job Satisfaction.

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Krista Neher

May 14 2024

A new study from LinkedIn focused on the state of workplace learning. The study focused on the business outcomes of training – specifically, how businesses benefit from creating a learning culture.

Retention as the #1 Benefit of Training

The study showed that businesses that trained their teams showed a 57% increase in retention.

How Retention Helps Marketing Organizations

Marketers who get training and work for an organization that invests in them are more likely to be invested in the organization. They stay in that organization longer.

The fact that retention is linked to training suggests that employees are happier if they get training.

Internal Mobility is Improved

The study also showed the second benefit of a learning culture is higher internal mobility.

If employees have access to training, they have more opportunities to advance. Advancement opportunities is a major factor impacting employee satisfaction overall.

Marketers Who Get Training are More Engaged

The study showed the impact of training not just on the organization but also on the employees. Employees who have access to training are more engaged employees.


  • 7 in 10 people say learning improves their sense of connection to their organization.
  • 8 in 10 people say learning adds purpose to their work.

The Case for Training Marketing Teams

Do you need to make the case for training in your organization? The data is clear. Organizations that provide training have specific benefits:

  • Higher retention rates.
  • Happier employees.
  • More engaged employees.
  • More upward mobility.
  • Increased connection with the organization.
  • Purpose in their work.


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