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Announcing Our New Generative Training AI Courses

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Krista Neher

Dec 18 2023

We are VERY excited to share the launch of our Generative AI Courses.

AI is everywhere and only growing. AI is proven to increase productivity and improve results. Employers and businesses can’t afford to miss out.

Your business should be strategically using AI to grow. Your employees are most likely already using it, but many lack the support they need to use it safely and effectively. The benefits of generative AI tools are even greater when used correctly.

In these courses, you’ll learn how to leverage the power of generative AI tools to drive results and what’s needed to ensure the secure use of AI.

What is Included in our Generative AI Courses?

Our Generative AI Courses offer your team comprehensive insights into AI fundamentals, covering the basics of what it is and its functionality. The courses dive into optimization strategies to unleash the full capabilities of AI tools. Participants will learn to use these tools effectively and securely,  safeguarding themselves and the organization.

You get online training plus downloadable resources to support your implementation.

Check out the Nine New Generative AI Courses:

ChatGPT Foundations (25 min)
ChatGPT Prompt Optimization Pro Tips (20 min)
ChatGPT Prompt Engineering: Specifiers (15 min)
ChatGPT for Productivity (20 min)
ChatGPT for Marketing (20 min)
ChatGPT for Executives (25 min)
ChatGPT for Sales (20 min)
ChatGPT Cybersecurity Risks (25 min)
AI Employee Security & Usage Policy (30 min)

Why is Generative AI Important for Businesses?

Generative AI holds significant promise for businesses and their employees. When used properly, it can support a range of tasks to speed up success and accelerate results. Here are four reasons to consider generative AI training:

1. Understand how generative AI works

Generative AI processes user-provided information to generate outcomes. The potential uses of AI are vast, encompassing millions of tasks. Here are just a few examples:

    • Answer questions
    • Summarize long content
    • Create or simplify content
    • Develop processes and strategies

2. Prompt AI correctly to improve results

AI  responds to user prompts (or questions). The quality of the output is linked to the quality of the input.

You’ve probably heard the term “garbage in, garbage out”; when you have the skills to ask specific and clear questions, you’ll get better results. Acquire the know-how to formulate specific and clear prompts and useful follow-ups.

3. Use AI effectively in the workplace

AI tools’ versatility to support a range of tasks makes them widely used across organizations. They’re not limited to one department. Here are a few examples:

    • Human Resources: Create job descriptions, research compensation packages, and develop hiring processes
    • Sales: Design email templates, create sales materials, incorporate best practices
    • Finance: Summarize complex metrics, build plans, and provide easily digestible explanations of data
    • IT Professionals: Create codes, develop IT plans
    • Executives: Identify business opportunities, evaluate market gaps, create growth plans

4. Reduce risk

Generative AI is not immune to risks and is not a substitution for human oversight. Organizations can protect their employees and themselves by providing training so that employees understand the risks AI creates and how to minimize them. The risks addressed are:

    • Privacy
    • Security
    • Bias
    • Training
    • Transparency
    • And more…

To learn more about or register for the new Generative AI Course Series, click here.

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