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This Week in Social Media: Snapchat Adds Video, Add Intros to Your YouTube Videos, and More!

Carolyn Coates

May 12 2014

This week in social media brought advertising to a new, growing social network you'll want to check out. Recent additions to Snapchat make it easier to connect with others beyond pictures. Struggling with marketing on Facebook? Check out their new...

This Week in Social Media: Tag Photos on Twitter, Save Articles on Facebook, LinkedIn Eliminates Products and Services and More

Carolyn Coates

Mar 31 2014

This week in social media brought big changes for Twitter making them more of a photo sharing network than ever before. Facebook is once again testing the ability to save articles as well as advertise to "lookalike" audiences to help...

Announcing Facebook Marketing 101 Online Training: Getting Started with Facebook for Your Business

Carolyn Coates

Mar 19 2014

Facebook is the largest social network with over 1.3 BILLION monthly active users and 48% of them logging on DAILY. So, Facebook Marketing is an easy way to reach your audience, right? Not necessarily - it's becoming more and more...

This Week in Social Media: Facebook Redesigns Pages and Ad Setup, Block LinkedIn Members, Google+ Starts Looking like Facebook, and More

Carolyn Coates

Mar 17 2014

This week in social media brought significant changes to Facebook - from Page and News Feed redesigns to a more organized ad setup, Facebook is working help you make a bigger impact so don't miss out on these changes. Google+...

The Facebook Marketing Checklist [Infographic]

Carolyn Coates

Mar 13 2014

With well over 1.2 billion Facebook users, you can't ignore that they are looking for your brand on Facebook - you need to make sure they can find you. So how do you get their attention? Facebook Brand Pages are...

This Week in Social Media: Target Ads through Twitter, Upload GIFs on Pinterest, Use Tweets as a ‘Remote Control’ and More!

Carolyn Coates

Jan 24 2014

Looking for volunteer opportunities? LinkedIn can do that now! Tumblr continues to move toward becoming a social network while Facebook adds "What's Trending" as well as announces a new and improved App Insights. Twitter helps target ads better and has...

This Week in Social Media: Facebook Ends Sponsored Stories, BIG Gmail Changes, Vine’s Web Version, and More!

Carolyn Coates

Jan 10 2014

This week in social media brought updates for top networks like Snapchat's replay button and Vine's new web version. Facebook makes it easier for nonprofits to receive donations, pulls the plug on Sponsored Stories, and tweaks ad options slightly. Big...

This Week in Social Media: Improved Facebook Insights, Promote Twitter Ads on Mobile, Mind-Blowing Stats from 2013, and More!

Carolyn Coates

Dec 27 2013

As we wrap up 2013, a few last minute updates will start the year off with a bang. Facebook made strides by adding real-time data in Insights and launching video ads while Twitter allows promoted ads on mobile timelines and...

Facebook Tells Businesses: Organic Reach will Fall – Get Ready to Pay to Play

Krista Neher

Dec 05 2013

Adage reported that Facebook has now openly told businesses: You'll have to pay to reach your fans. Organic reach will continue to decline. This is based on sales documents that Facebook shared with partners, and is a shift from previous...
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