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VIDEO: How to Future-Proof Your Facebook Business Strategy

Facebook announced ANOTHER update to their algorithm (sometimes called edgerank) that changes what people see in their newsfeed. Want to know how to future-proof your Facebook Strategy from this change and future changes????? Watch this video!

Here is the bottom line. Facebook changes the algorithm all the time, and the algorithm is customized to each person – so you can’t exactly crack it.

What can you do?

There are two things that will future-proof your Facebook business strategy and get you results in the long-term.

1) Create Great Content

The point of edgerank is to show people the content that they are most interested in. Strategies that focus on creating great content that their fans love do best in the long-run.

When you hear optimization tips like:

  • Short posts perform best
  • Images do well
  • Ask questions
  • Be fun (or funny)
  • Use videos

They are all getting at the same thing – create content that people on Facebook have shown that they want to consume.

When you step back it is pretty simple.

2) Be Prepared to Pay

Seriously. Be prepared to pay. Not a lot, but supporting your strategy with some paid boosts will help you gain the exposure you need to generate long-term value.

Some businesses can still do well organically – I worked with a client who saw a 10X increase in organic reach JUST BY OPTIMIZING THEIR CONTENT. So, great content matters most (see #1).

That being said, social media marketing (LIKE ALL OTHER MARKETING) won’t be free forever. Be prepared to spend a little cash.

Facebook strategy video with Krista Neher

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