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Social Media Ads: How Things Really Work

Krista Neher

Oct 11 2022

Social Media Ads Ads on social media are a type of digital marketing paid advertisement that appears on social media networks. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, have well-established self-service advertising platforms. Social media ads are popular because they are inexpensive...

Resources That Make You Better at Setting Display Ads

Krista Neher

Oct 04 2022

Display Ads Display ads are ads that appear around content online. For example, if you are reading a news site and see ads around the content, those would be display ads. These are purchased through ad networks and Google is...

Reputation Management, Email Marketing, Digital Ads and Analytics: Takeaways From Virtual Digital Marketing Boot Camp

Allison Chaney

Jul 28 2020

Our virtual digital marketing boot camp students learned a ton in our recent session! We focused on reputation management, email marketing, digital advertising and Facebook ads, as well as analytics and measurement all in one day, and the questions were...

5 Google AdWords Best Practices To Get Results

Allison Chaney

Oct 31 2017

Get the most out of advertising on Google. Follow these Google AdWords best practices when you are setting up and optimizing your ads to get better results! Use keywords in your ad description. Google bolds the keywords that you searched...
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