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Reputation Management, Email Marketing, Digital Ads and Analytics: Takeaways From Virtual Digital Marketing Boot Camp

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Allison Chaney

Jul 28 2020

Our virtual digital marketing boot camp students learned a ton in our recent session! We focused on reputation management, email marketing, digital advertising and Facebook ads, as well as analytics and measurement all in one day, and the questions were specific and focused on a few key areas. Here are the key takeaways:

Q: What is a good minimum budget for ads?

A: The focus should actually be on what the potential return for your ad spend is, but it’s also helpful to know what your minimums to be successful on each platform may be. While there’s no one easy answer, here are a couple considerations. First, think about the size of your audience. Targeting a small region vs. national or global audience will affect your budget. $200 in a small town will go far whereas this budget wouldn’t produce any results in a global audience. Next, think about your niche. Some keywords are just more competitive than others, so a good minimum for you might be different for a more or less competitive industry. With that said, you can be successful on Facebook for about $1 a day (in some cases), and in my experience I wouldn’t spend less than $500 a month on Google Ads (in a very small targeted market with low CPC keywords).

Q: Can you tie reviews to a social media page? In other words, can you add Google reviews or reviews from another site to your social media page with some sort of widget or feature?

A: We don’t know of any, but don’t overthink it. Just take a screen shot or place the review text in an image that you create in Canva! The main point is to share the sentiment of the review so the format and tool doesn’t matter as much as getting your message across.

Q: How long should you wait between sending emails?

A: Probably not as long as you would think. But send emails as often as you have something interesting and valuable, and as often as your audience wants to receive them. Not sure? Sign up for your competitors’ email campaigns and see what they do. And, watch your unsubscribe rate. If it spikes after sending emails more frequently, then you’ll know it’s too much and to back off.

Q: Are lookalike audiences in Facebook effective?

A: Absolutely! As long as they are built on a successful custom audience. So, start with a custom audience of your engaged fans or your customers. You can build a custom audience by uploading an email list to Facebook for example. Then, build a lookalike list that targets other users who have similar attributes and interests as your engaged audience.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of keywords you can use in a Google Ads campaign?

A: No, but too many keywords will become challenging to manage. In general 20 to 50 words per campaign is a good amount of keywords. If you have far more, you may actually have an opportunity to break the lists into separate Ad Group segments.

Our students experienced a day packed full of quality content and were writing down big ideas all day! If this sounds fun to you, join us in our next virtual boot camp!

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