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5 Google AdWords Best Practices To Get Results

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Allison Chaney

Oct 31 2017

Get the most out of advertising on Google. Follow these Google AdWords best practices when you are setting up and optimizing your ads to get better results!

  1. Use keywords in your ad description. Google bolds the keywords that you searched for in the description of the ad. Studies have shown that users actually click the bolded keyword (rather than anywhere else on the ad) more often, which indicates that their eye (and mouse) is draw to the match for what they just searched for. Click thru rates are also higher when the keyword a user searched for also appears in the ad.
  2. Talk about your USP (Unique Selling Proposition). What makes you different than the competitors? Why should a user click your ad and not another one? If all of the ads say the same thing, give the users a compelling reason why they should click yours!
  3. Include a Call To Action. What do you want people to do when they see your ad? The best way to get a conversion is to ask for it! Include triggers like “call us now”, “get a quote”, or “sign up” so users now what it is you want them to do!
  4. Customize your Landing Page. Nothing is more frustrating to searchers than clicking the ad that sounds like a perfect match for what they are searching for, only to find some generic landing page and 5 more steps to maybe finding what they actually need. Don’t be that guy. Create custom landing pages that align with the promise of your ad. If you are advertising a special offer on a service you provide, create a landing page with details about the service and offer. Don’t make users click around your site trying to find more info. They’re just going to click the back button and go to your competitors.
  5. Test everything! Test variations of your ad text, landing pages, and even your target audience. Identify the objective of your ad first. What are you trying to achieve? Is it phone calls for appointments? More leads from a form on your landing page? Measure the performance of your ads and put your money where you get the best results!

With these 5 tips, you can setup and run your Google AdWords best practices and get results! Let us know in the comments below how these tips have worked for you!

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