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“How Can My Brand Go Viral?” Answered by George Fiddler

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George Fiddler

Melissa Byers

Jul 19 2019

George Fiddler, Creative Director for ICF Next spoke at the Belize Tourism Board’s Digital Marketing Summit on viral posting and how to capitalize on what the internet is obsessed with today. While about 75% of your digital strategy should focus on evergreen content, that last 25% can really elevate your engagement if you’re effective and efficient in identifying trends and quickly producing content. 

Geoge says there’s a formula.

“Trending topics + Your brand’s relevant stories + Your team’s creativity = Virality”

So where do you find trending topics?

Twitter Explore

Put your finger on the up-to-the-minute pulse of the internet, Twttier is where to start. It’s frenetic and fickle. It’s *thee* place to see what’s happening RIGHT NOW.

Google Trending Searches

Google’s Daily Trending Search function lets you see the most popular searches for a 24-hour period.  


This is where popular content rises to the top – literally. Members submit content and it’s voted up and down by other members. Content that people like populates the front page. It’s a fast way to see what people find interesting.


What? Buzzfeed is for silly quizzes and listicles, right? No. It’s a a great spot for identifying what people are talking about.

The trick is taking what’s already trending and make it relevant to your business. A new challenge? #FridayFeeling #ThrowbackThursday A new filter? If you can capitalize on data tells us people enjoy engaging with, there’s likely to be a payoff.

Just keep in mind that viral isn’t necessarily measured in millions. It’s creating something that shared over and over. It’s millions for popular accounts, but that’s relative to their number of followers who see the content initially. 

Virality can have a solid spot in your social media strategy and produce results. 

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