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This Week in Social Media: Tag Photos on Twitter, Save Articles on Facebook, LinkedIn Eliminates Products and Services and More

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Carolyn Coates

Mar 31 2014

This Week in Social MediaThis week in social media brought big changes for Twitter making them more of a photo sharing network than ever before. Facebook is once again testing the ability to save articles as well as advertise to “lookalike” audiences to help grow your page. LinkedIn eliminates products and services tab for Company Pages – learn a better alternative to promoting your products and Pinterest makes shopping easier with Gifts feed. Learn about how these new changes affect you.

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1. Add 4 Photos to Tweets

Twitter recently added the ability to add up to 4 photos with tweets that appear like the image on the right.

Is this valuable?

Yes – Twitter is committed to become more of a photo-sharing network and each image will expand when you click the tweet. Use this new feature to show more in a single tweet. 

Facebook Save Links2. Facebook Tests Save Feature

Facebook users in the test group have the option to save linked articles to a “saved” section on their timeline and can return to them later.

Will this benefit you?

Sharing blog posts on your Facebook Page is important to improve traffic. If this feature was available to all users, they could save your links and return to read them later. However, if you saved a link on Facebook, would you really come back to read it? Let us know your thoughts.

3. Photo Tagging on Twitter

Tag Photos in TweetsYou can now tag up to 10 people in a photo without using your 140 characters making it easier to connect and share with your friends – you can also adjust your notification settings and who can tag you.

Can you use this?

Twitter is continuously making photos more social increasing the opportunities for engagement. Company Twitter accounts don’t have any special rules but it’s ideal to ask for permission before tagging others in photos.

4. Pinterest Adds Gift Feed

In general, Product Pins that include extra details like pricing, availability, and where to buy it get high click-through rates than regular pins. The new Gifts feed is just for shopping by only showing Product Pins in regular categories with price filters for buyers. Pinterest Gifts Feed

How can you take advantage of this?

With a higher click through rate, browsers of the Gifts feed are more likely to buy on the spot. To be able to have your products show up in the Gifts feed, you need to get Rich Pins. To do so, click here and follow the instructions.

5. LinkedIn Eliminates Products and Services Tab

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 11.46.47 AMOn April 14th, LinkedIn will be deleting the Products and Services tab from Company Pages to create a platform where “companies can deliver timely, engaging content to members.”

So what now?

The best way to keep your audience up to date on products and services your company offers are through company updates and Showcase Pages. Company updates are real-time, appear to all of your followers while Showcase Pages let you highlight a particular brand or product line with a dedicated community, learn more here.

6. Create Lookalike Audiences for Facebook Ads

lookalikeAdvertisers can now create lookalike audiences based on people who visit their website allowing marketers to reach groups of people without Facebook needing to share specific people.

How can you benefit from this?

This new feature allows you to find more people who look lie your Facebook fans who might want to connect with your page. It’s rolling out slowly and not available to all Facebook Pages yet.

In Other News….

Instagram Hits 200 Million Users

In the last six months, over 50 million people alone have joined this growing photo sharing network. Instagram is becoming a leading network owned by Facebook with a variety of user demographics and marketing opportunities. If your company is not on Instagram, you need to be – get started TODAY.

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Check in next time to see what’s new in social media – comments and feedback welcome!

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