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This Week in Social Media: Facebook Ends Sponsored Stories, BIG Gmail Changes, Vine’s Web Version, and More!

TWISM22This week in social media brought updates for top networks like Snapchat’s replay button and Vine’s new web version. Facebook makes it easier for nonprofits to receive donations, pulls the plug on Sponsored Stories, and tweaks ad options slightly. Big news being Google+ users can email anyone using Gmail.

1. Facebook Cuts Sponsored Stories

sponsored storyAfter a recent class action lawsuit over using images of users, Facebook is ending Sponsored Stories. Sponsored Stories publicized interactions you had with a Page to generate word-of-mouth marketing. 

How will this affect you?

Existing campaigns with Sponsored Stories will keep running but after April 9th, they will be history. Sponsored Stories enabled more people to see stories from your Page but challenged user’s privacy. Ultimately, this could affect the reach of your posts.

2. Gmail & Google+ Changes

gmailGoogle announced yesterday that Gmail users can now email anyone in their circles without knowing their email address and anyone on Google+ will be able to email any Gmail user.

What can you do?

By editing your email settings with Google+, you can choose who will email you but your email address is not visible until someone emails you. This could be an opportunity to grow your professional network – send emails and connect more with those in your circles.


3. Snapchat App Update

Snapchat UpdatesA recent update allows Snapchat users to replay the most recent chat and use new “smart” filters to spice up their chats

Why does this matter?

While the ability to replay is very limited (only able to replay one chat a day), it challenges the idea of Snapchat’s disappearing photos. More brands are using Snapchat but unlike other social networks, there is no way to see the overall performance of a chat.

4. Vine’s New Web Version

Just last week, Vine unveiled it’s web version that includes most of the same options as the mobile app except the ability to post a video.

VineHow can you use this?

Short-length video marketing is huge. Using the web version’s “explore” option, you (or your brand) can search for keywords to connect with other users and increase your following. If you’re not sure how you’re brand can use Vine, check out our upcoming Marketing in 15 Seconds or Less Online Training.

5. Facebook Adds “Donate Now” Button for Nonprofits

Donate now...Recently, Facebook made it easier to donate directly to nonprofits. A “Donate Now” button appears on the rights side of posts in your News Feed (not available to all yet) and to the right on the nonprofits Page.

Does this affect you?

This is a new way to reach out to potential donors, especially in times of crisis, and possibly get the “impulse donation” without extra steps of visiting your website. The “Donate Now” option is available for participating organizations – click here for the interest form to add this feature.

 6. Facebook Tweaks Ad Targeting (Slightly)

schoolWhen targeting ads, you can now indirectly target professions through choosing education level.

How can this help you?

Every new option Facebook gives when targeting ads will help you get in front of your target audience. Let us know if you like all of the new Facebook ad changes.

If you have any comments or questions, I’d love to hear them! Check back next time to see what’s new in social media.

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